12 Exceptional Websites for Design Inspiration

When you’ve been designing for years, it can sometimes feel like a real task to come up with new and fresh website design inspiration. If you are having trouble getting your mind in the right mode to create something spectacular, perhaps checking out the twelve websites listed below will get your creative juices flowing.

Layers Magazine

Created by the award-winning Kelby Media Group, Layers Magazine is both a bi-monthly publication as well as an online resource for design inspiration. The best part of the magazine is the wide variety of tutorials available for Adobe products. How-tos can be found for Illustrator, Photoshop, Dreamweaver, Flash and several other Adobe products.



Geared toward graphic designers, illustrators and icon artists, Dribble allows designers to share screenshots of their own designs and applications and browse through the work of other up-and-coming artists for design inspiration. Design work can be viewed by category, including work that is the most popular or the newest on the website. Search for work by individual user or even click on a color bar to view work that uses that color in its design.


Logo Pond

A go-to for design inspiration, Logo Pond allows users to upload their own work, communicate with other designers and browse various galleries for new ideas. Galleries are separated by featured designs, popular designs and more. Users can follow their favorite galleries or view specific collections that are categorized by black and white, typography and more. Work is also searchable by designer. Custom website design and a free website builder are also available.



Created to design and empower artists around the world, deviantART is the largest online social network for designers and its sees more than 65 million unique visitors each month. Users can exhibit and promote their own work or browse millions of pieces of art ranging from traditional media to digital art and web design to gain inspiration. Commenting and private messaging is implemented to connect with other artists. The website is easy to search and includes plenty of free, downloadable resources.



Described as a collection of design inspirations, Muse has created a gallery that has a main focus on the artist rather than the individual piece of art. Users can browse through the work of serious up-and-comers in the field and learn about the artist and inspiration behind each piece. Professional reviews and comments, as well as a link to the artist’s website, are available for each piece, making the collection a great source for inspiration and submitting your own work to be critiqued and showcased.



A design blog designed to inspire, Abduzeedo features articles on art ranting from digital media to hybrids of traditional and digital outlets. Inspiration can be found for digital architecture, logos, photography and more. The blog encourages feedback from artists and readers alike, and offers a variety of web design tutorials. Don’t forget to check out the large gallery of desktop wallpapers.



Featuring the best typefaces, typography and designers, Typographica is a searchable blog that comments on the best design inspirations that contain only letters, numbers and words. The blog reviews typefaces and books about typography and showcases some of the best new designers in the field. One of the favorite features of Typographica is the fact that it lists the best typefaces of each year dating back to 2008. The website is fully searchable.


Denzo Magazine

A design catch-all, Denzo Magazine features inspiration, resources and some of the best work that can be found on the web. A look at the website will show users lists of stunning designs, articles on new techniques, tutorials and tips to improve upon work, and information on trends in the industry. Freebies and resources are also a big part of Denzo Magazine‘s allure.


Digital Abstracts

A news website geared toward digital artists, Digital Abstracts follows trends in the design world, offering design inspiration for artists everywhere. Inspiration for new work, tips on creating the best portfolio and reviews of the latest mobile apps for designers are just a few of the things that can be found when reviewing the website. It also handpicks artists and showcases only the best work, reviews new products and gives professional opinions on various digital art pieces. Users can read interviews with the top designers in the field or submit their own work for recognition.


Design You Trust

A searchable database of design inspiration, Design You Trust is divided into several categories, including advertising, art, illustration and even a category specifically for inspiration. Users who would like to review a bit from each category can click on the “random” link for some random inspiration from something new and interesting. The website is updated hourly and includes a blog and community for learning and conversing with other designers. New design trends, news for the industry and upcoming events are all covered. The blog also showcases amazing portfolios and designers.



Inspiration for digital design doesn’t just come from within the digital work. The makers of Juxtapoz realized that when they created the website. Divided into categories, the website focuses on news of the hottest and trendiest advertisements, designs and illustrations, like any good design blog would, but it took it a step further. Other sections on the website include amazing street art, graffiti and even tattoo art. There is even a list for music to get users’ blood pumping and mind flowing with ideas. A community is available to talk art with other trendsetters about design inspiration.


UI Parade

Showcasing work in the interface design field and focusing on some of the world’s most talented artists, UI Parade allows users to search by tags or user. View categories such as buttons and forms, full UI kits, galleries, icons and media players. If a user can think of it and would like to add it to their design, it can likely be found on this website. The site also offers tutorials, freebies and the option to submit your own work.


Chances are, if you browsed through all of the design inspiration websites listed above, you now have a good idea of your next project in mind. Grab a cup of coffee, your favorite digital art program and start creating.

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    • Christian Tobler
    • February 22, 2013

    Fromupnorth.com is a great resource, one of my personal faves.