25 Interface Design Resources

User interface design resources can really help you get things moving when your time is limited.

When I was first learning more about UI design, I always wished there was one place, a single list that provided the essentials to get started. This is my first shot at that list.

Expect it to evolve and improve over time, as with anything else. Hopefully you find some value and it helps you along your way. Below are some of the most essential user interface design resources available, enjoy.

UI Patterns

Providing more detail than a basic gallery and offering discussions on how design patterns are used, UI Patterns allows users to showcase their own designs and is one of the world’s most popular interface design resources. It provides the best UI design practices, a wide variety of elements and plenty of patterns.


Twitter Bootstrap

Described as “by nerds, for nerds,” Twitter Bootstrap is managed through GitHub, a popular website for interface design resources. It uses LESS CSS and is compiled via Node. A large variety of components, web-based customizer, 12-column responsive grid and JavaScript plugins allow for Twitter Bootstrap to look like the latest browsers for desktops, tablets and mobile devices. Popular websites such as Soundready and GatherContent use it.


jQuery UI Bootstrap

Use Bootstrap-themed widgets and most of the rest of the Twitter Bootstrap side-by-side with jQuery UI Bootstrap. Launched to bring Twitter’s Bootstrap back to jQuery UI Widgets, jQuery UI Bootstrap features customization of progress bars, dialogue boxes, calendars, buttons and more. Both a stable download and a beta download of the latest and greatest interface design resources is available on the website.



Touting itself as “everything you need to build a better web,” Wijmo allows users to check out demos of HTML5 and JavaScript, explore a large list of widgets, learn from a wide variety of tutorials about internet design resources and have access to premium themes. Users can also built their own themes. Home of the well-known Lightbox widget, Wijmo also features a Knockout Integration Library that provides support for MVVM in each of Wijmo’s widgets.



Designed to help you grow your project with their interface design resources, Dojo offers more than 65 tutorials and three different versions that work across multiple browser platforms. Dojo only loads what you specify that you need, allowing for faster speeds when you have a great idea in mind. It offers a high-quality widget library that is recognized worldwide.


Jumpstart UI

Offering powerful admin themes for Twitter Bootstrap, Jumpstart UI is packed with tons of features and is one of a few fully customizable interface design resources. It offers a responsive layout for a range of desktops, tablets and smartphones as well as widgets with custom-styled elements that aid in functionality.


Pattern Tap

A well-known UI designs showcase, Pattern Tap’s 45 categories of elements make it one of the best-known interface design resources on the Internet. Elements include slideshows and comments as well as advertising design and placement. More than 7,000 patterns are available for inspiration.


UX Magazine

Serving up valuable information to aid designers in creating a great user experience, UX Magazine covers news on interface design resources on UI design and allows users to share their own tips and experiences.

There is original content in addition to design roundups.


UX Booth

Full of interface design resources, UX Booth is a community connected through a blog. It is great for allowing users to share knowledge and resources and also features articles and resources that speak on the subject of UI design.


Smashing Magazine UX Design

A blog that is divided into categories, Smash Magazine UX Design offers information on coding, design and graphics. A highlight reel on the right shows the most popular articles, such as “How to Market Your Mobile Application.”


Designing Interfaces

Once a book, Designing Interfaces become so popular that it was formatted into a website of interface design resources. Written by Jennifer Tidwell, the website is full of large amounts of inspirational patterns, well-written knowledge articles and tons of information on how to organize your website.



Offering front-end resources and design patterns, Patternry allows you to share work and build web apps faster.

Also featuring HTML, CSS, images and links, you can organize all of your finds into libraries that allow you to test and experiment with your work. A free and custom version is available.




A diagramming software that puts ease into even the hardest data charts, Lucidchart is one of the premier interface design resources for flow charts, wireframes, mind maps and loads more.

You can drag and drop onto your canvas and collaborate with clients or design teams. There is even a UML diagram tool and everything that you create easily integrates with Google Drive and Google Apps.



Create, link, preview and share your web page and application mockups with Mockingbird. Save time and money without sacrificing client satisfaction with a wide variety of UI elements, smart text sizing and the ability to export your mockup to a PDF or PNG. The clean and clear Mockingbird is fully web-based and supports multiple pages.



One of the only interface design resources for landing page optimization, FiveSecondTest allows you to give a call to action and analyze the most prominent elements of your design. Simply create a new test, have your users complete it and view the results.



Offering easy wireframing, Mockflow allows you to design and collaborate for software and websites. An interactive procedure, it offers many built-in components that allow you to get a visual concept ready and instantly share it with clients by exporting it to an HTML5 format.


Balsamiq Mockups

Create software and improve team communication when you use Balsamiq Mockups. It offers the option of digitally tweaking and rearranging your mock-up while keeping the real-life feeling of drawing.

There are 75 built-in interface design resources and more than 180 icons. Drag and drop your work and then export it to a PNG or PDF.



Export your Balsamiq Mockups to HTML and CSS with Napkee. No coding skills are needed. The startup internet design resources company already has more than 600 customers, including Google, HP and ASUS.



Easy to use and intuitive, HotGloo allows you to collaborate and work via the built-in chat functions. Built-in autosave and interactive elements allow you to easily create something for your clients to view and give feedback.


Free UI Kits

One of the most popular internet design resources on the web, Free UI Kits provides UI and GUI PSD files for download. A variety of designs are available that range from highly professional with muted colors to sleek and colorful.


Yahoo! Design Pattern Library

Maintained and presented by the Yahoo! Developer Network (YDN), The Yahoo! Design Pattern Library is another great online destination where designers converge to share UI patterns with the larger User Interface design and web development community. You can access an open forum where you can talk to other UI designers and share war stories.


The Icon Deposit

Post your icons, designs and codes when you use The Icon Deposit. Promote your work and gain new clients as well as have access to free PSDs, icons, UI/UX designs, Photoshop tutorials and more.



Featuring free icons for your UI designs, Iconspedia is categorized by topic, including art and business. You can also search through the top-rated and featured icon packs or upload your own work.


Icon Shock

More than 300 sets containing more than one million icons make Icon Shock one of the largest interface design resources for icons on the web. From social to animated icons, something is available for every project.


Icon Finder

Another search engine for icons, Icon Finder offers more than 1,000 sets and nearly 200,000 icons. All are free and high-quality. The first search engine that focused on icons also allows you to submit your own.


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