Dallas Mobile Web Design

Dallas Mobile Web Design

With over 55% of American adults who browse the web doing so via hand-held mobile phone, now might be a good time to make a mobile version of your website.

AXZM can develop a custom Dallas mobile web design that matches your existing branding so your users have a seamless experience.

Dallas Mobile Web Design CompanyMobile web design made easy

Our mobile web design company can create a consistent layout for all major smart phones like iPhone, Android HTC and more.  Our mobile web designs support the entire range of mobile browsers to ensure anyone viewing your website is able to access your content easily regardless of what mobile device they are on.

In addition, we currently offer custom Dallas mobile web design for the popular tablet devices like the iPad. If your visitors come to your website on a tablet device, we can make sure that the experience is consistent using a variety of techniques. You may want to start with thinking “mobile first’ about your website and content, in which case you may consider getting a responsive web design.

Responsive websites conform to the browser size they are being viewed in. Elements of the design collapse as the browser gets smaller and are “fluid” so to speak. Responsive websites traditionally take longer to program and there are many hurdles depending on how advanced and design heavy the layout is.

We can develop a completely custom responsive web design that will give your visitors a modern user experience and future-proof your website for years to come.

Dallas Mobile Web Design ServicesWe can help you create a beautiful mobile experience for your customers

Our Dallas mobile web design services offer mid-sized to enterprise businesses the technology and strategies to scale multiple large scale web properties with the quality and consistency their users expect.

We can develop a custom Dallas Mobile Web Design with the following features and more:

  • iPhone
  • iPad
  • Android
  • HTC
  • Mobile Stores
  • Mobile Ads
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