Dallas Pay Per Click Advertising

Dallas Pay Per Click Advertising

Pay Per Click Advertising (also called PPC) can be a useful way to get your web site targeted traffic and generate leads online. When you deliver the right message at the right time, PPC can be very powerful.

Whether you need PPC training or Dallas pay per click advertising, we can help you manage your campaigns.

Dallas Pay Per Click Advertising Made EasySave time and money with pay per click advertising help

Many small business owners spend money on Dallas Pay Per Click Advertising and are not satisfied with the results. This is in part because they probably aren’t managing their Dallas pay per click advertising campaigns correctly, but there could also be a host of other factors at the root of their problem.

The key to using search engine marketing is choosing the correct search terms very carefully and having effective Dallas pay per click advertising management. Dallas web design company AXZM’s Google Adwords qualified Dallas PPC consultants will identify the most effective search terms for your Dallas pay per click advertising campaign and execute a strategy to optimize your conversions.

8 Key Tips for Successful Pay Per Click AdvertisingTips for successful PPC campaigns

Our experienced Dallas PPC consultants closely monitor your pay per click advertising accounts with our own proprietary search engine marketing tools to determine the projected results per keyword. This will allow us to make adjustment on the fly so you do not waste resources on keywords that are not getting you a solid return on investment.

There are 8 key guidelines we follow when executing a pay per click (PPC) advertising campaign:

Rule 1: Benefits Always Sell

Ideally, your pay-per-click (PPC) ad should clearly express the key benefits of your service offering, not just features. Features should describe a product or service, while the benefits illustrate all the wonderful emotions your customers will experience once they have the product or service.

Rule 2: Engage Audience Directly

Good pay-per-click (PPC) advertising copy like any advertising copy always works the best when it is sincere. When the reader believes you truly understand where they are coming from, their unique needs, and are dedicated to serving those needs through your service, you are much more likely to convert them as a customer. It’s tough to convey everything in such a small space of a tiny PPC advertisement, but if you are creative, it can be done.

Rule 3: Call User to Action

Countless hours benchmarking and A B testing have revealed that most people will take action if the offer is spelled out for them in clear terms.

Rule 4: Don’t Be Afraid To Show Off

In an ever-crowded Dallas, Texas pay-per-click (PPC) advertising market it can really pay off to highlight your unique value proposition.

Rule 5: Create Sense of Urgency

We all know people just love to procrastinate. It is insane what people will go through to rationalize why they won’t take action on an offer they see, even if they want it. Your Dallas pay per click (PPC) advertising copy and landing page should create a sense urgency for the reader that they will fail to benefit if they do not take action on your offer right away.

Rule 6: Try To Stand Out

Especially if you are in a crowded market! You should make every effort to make sure that your ads are very different than any of your competitors. This is a simple strategy that is guaranteed to get more clicks.

Rule 7: It’s All About The Headline

This is by far, the most important aspect of any pa per click ad. Your Dallas pay per click advertising headline is the first, and most direct way to catch the attention of potential leads. Pay-per-click (PPC) ads with good headlines almost always perform well.

Rule 8: People Like Free Stuff

Nothing seems to get conversions like offering something for free. A lot of business owners worry that clicks will come from people who don’t actually buy anything, but we’ve seen that the increased ROI usually more than covers any of the added cost. If possible, try to use free offers if your product or service is complex or high-end and/or the sales cycle is longer than 3 months.

Dallas Pay Per Click Advertising ManagementOur approach to successful PPC campaign management

Our approach to managing a successful Dallas PPC campaign involves a simple, but effective process:

  1. Match PPC Typing Terms
  2. Apply Contextual Targeting
  3. Eliminate Non-Performing PPC Terms
  4. Cap Bids for Specific Search Terms
  5. Apply Negative Terms to Filter Unqualified Clicks
  6. Cap Spending on a Daily, Weekly or Monthly According to Budget
  7. Edit Ad Copy to increase Click-Through and Conversion Rates
  8. Identify and Adjust Landing Pages to Improve Conversions
  9. Recommend Budget Allocations per Search Engine
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