Dallas Project Management

Dallas Project Management

Access your project from any web browser (including mobile), calendar, start discussions, share files, track tasks, collaborate with other companies and team members all in one place.

AXZM can create a project management system that will allow you to streamline communication on projects.

Dallas Project Management ServicesImprove communication with your team on projects

Project management software can be a crucial part of internal collaboration and communication for some industries. A system to track assets securely in real time, especially when some team members and companies may be thousands of miles away is imperative for proper communication.

Which system is best? What features do the different systems on the market offer? Which features do we need to get our work done? These are the questions AXZM can help you answer.

AXZM can provide our select clients Dallas Project Management that will allow them access to a variety of project management software depending on their needs. Imagine, a project management system with your own company logo, that integrates into your existing website!

From very basic interfaces with nothing more than a calendar and place to share files, to a full-blown linear project management system complete with a Gantt cart, SVN control and complex access levels, we can provide you with a hassle free solution that will meet even the most demanding requirements.

Dallas Project Management FeaturesWe can provide the features you need to manage projects

For businesses that collaborate with team members all over the world, especially if they are managing multiple large projects, having a web based system for collaboration is critical to operations. We have extensive experience developing custom and open source project management systems to fit the needs of businesses in a variety of industries.

We can develop a customized project management system with the following features and more:

  • Roles
  • Invoicing
  • Timetracking
  • Gantt Chart
  • E-Mail Integration
  • File Sharing
  • SVN
  • Customer Login
  • Calendar
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