Dallas Website Maintenance

Dallas Website Maintenance

Websites are like cars. They need to be tuned up and taken care of if you want them to perform and stay reliable. You need to perform maintenance regularly so everything runs smoothly and reliably.

As your virtual web mechanics, AXZM can restore that old beat up clunker into a hot rod! Contact us for an appointment today.

Dallas Website Maintenance CompanyGet help with your website when you need it

Website Maintenance is a necessary part of owning a website. Just like you need to maintain the parts of a car or house, you have to perform regular maintenance on your website to keep everything current, and running smoothly. We can commit to a long-term relationship with our select clients in the Dallas – Ft. Worth area.

Our experience has given us deep insight into each clients big picture, and we can align ourselves with those goals on a monthly, quarterly or yearly basis.

Getting changes done quickly starts with having someone familiar with your website. By retaining our company for your Website Maintenance needs, you will ensure that someone who is plugged into your thinking, procedures and branding is handling each revision you request.

AXZM offers Dallas website maintenance services in pay-as-you-go packages with non-expiring hours for businesses that require regular Website Maintenance, content revisions and various changes to their website but don’t want the added expense of an in-house IT position.

Dallas Website Maintenance ServicesGet the help you need to run a successful website

We understand that our clients needs change from month to month and provide Dallas website maintenance services to help them meet their business goals without having to submit a change order they want to change direction.

We believe approaching marketing, design and development from an iterative approach, this allows the client / vendor relationship to grow into sustainable strategic partnerships.

Here is a brief overview of our Website Maintenance plans:

icon_accept10 hrs Per Month

Perfect for small businesses and non-profits that realize the importance of their web presence, and need help with their strategy but may be on a very limited budget.

icon_accept35 hrs Per Month

Perfect for E-Commerce vendors and Subscription sites that may have very fixed, but ongoing Web Maintenance, Web Design, and Web Consultation needs.

icon_accept70+ hrs Per Month

Perfect for any organization that requires frequent interaction and/or collaboration with a internal or external group(s), mailing lists and time-sensitive data for larger online stores.

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