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Working as a designer often requires bouts of extreme inspiration in order to complete a project and to feel completely satisfied with the end result of your work. When you work as web or graphic designer, inspiration can be sought by using local resources such as books and magazines in addition to online guides and refreshing videos for inspiration as well. Browsing online for design and technology tips and inspiration is a way for you to gain insight into different styles, the history of design itself and even new tricks you can implement in your own projects.


Helvetica is a must see feature-length film that has been created in light of the effects that graphic design and typography have on our culture today. Helvetica is still one of the most widely utilized typefaces in both print design and online works for its readability and aesthetic appeal. The film covers how Helvetica, among other fonts, is still known around the world and used by professional designers on various levels of experience. Helvetica was released in September, 2007, and directed by Gary Hustwit. The Helvetica film is a mix of design and technology and allows you to gain insight into the way the typeface is still applied on products, printed materials and online today.



For designers who are concerned with the objects they see in everyday life, Objectified is a full-length independent film directed by Gary Hustwit that was released in 2009 focusing solely on object design and how it affects us each day. Objectified takes an in-depth look into product designers, how trends are determined and how designers think when getting creative and seeking out inspiration for the next big release. The movie also covers a wide range of subjects relating to how emotions are often involved with the objects in our lives and how psychology, the design of an item can also have effects on us as human beings.


Mystery of Picasso

The Mystery of Picasso was directed by the French Henri-Georges Clouzot, covering one of the most memorable and influential artists of the 20th century, Pablo Picasso. The video takes a creative approach to show the actual process of Picasso’s later works, which are painted out and shown in the video itself. However, all of the paintings that were completed in the video were later destroyed after the film project was finished so that they would be exclusive to the film. In total, 20 pieces of original art from Picasso were never seen again after the completion of the documentary.


How to Draw a Bunny

For designers seeking colorful and contemporary inspiration, How to Draw a Bunny is a documentary that is most fitting. How to Draw a Bunny includes interviews from famous illustrators and artists themselves including Roy Lichtenstein, Judith Malin, Christo, Chuck Close and James Rosenquist. The documentary is focused on the Warhol-like contemporary art from Ray Johnson, including classic paintings and entire collages of pop culture and bits of history from the past. Pop art from Ray Johnson also perpetuated the “scrapbooking” appeal as it was oftentimes a collective of the surroundings found in everyday life.


Beautiful Losers

Beautiful Losers is an extremely inspiring and relevant film for those who have a strong desire to live as an artist without labels and corporate ladder-climbing. The documentary revolves around the New York gallery, Alleged, in which a group of close friends work to create new works in and around the city with new and innovative design practices. Urban street art and random designs throughout the gallery are sure to lift your spirits and help to inspire you for your next project. The film was directed by Aaron Rose and was released in 2008.


The Cool School

The Cool School is a documentary that expresses how the city of Los Angeles became accustomed to modern art that is still used in design today. The film also features the history of some of the most well-known pop artists of our time including Warhol, Lichtenstein and Johns. Design and technology are both topics that are covered in this film, especially with the progression of modern art and how it is used today.


Henri Cartier-Bresson: The Impassioned Eye

For aspiring photographers or for those who appreciate some of the greatest photography known in photojournalism, The Impassioned Eye is a story of Henri Cartier-Bresson (1908-2004). The film includes Henri’s personal views of natural geometry and symmetry of photos and how it affects our interpretation of the images and the subjects the images capture. Emotions and feelings mixed with the natural geometry of the photographs is a main focus point for Cartier-Bresson.



This two hour feature film surrounds the life of the controversial cartoonist, Robert Crumb. Crumb was directed by Terry Zwigoff in 1994 and also stars Aline Kominsky alongside Crumb himself. The documentary covers a wide range of Crumb’s life including his somewhat tragic family life and relationships between them while working as a cartoonist.


Art: 21 – Art in the 21st Century

Art in the 21st Century was a television series that was considered the only primetime show focusing solely on artists and contemporary art of today. The series itself was awarded the Peabody Award for television and is a great source of inspiration if you are interested in learning more about artists today and their own techniques on finding the inspiration they need to succeed. The documentary focuses on how artists come to discover new methods and ideas on how to present emotions, feelings and entire atmospheres with a variety of mediums. Exploring the in-depth lives of artists in Art in the 21st Century is a way to gain perspective on lifestyle choices and the ability to create art regardless of your passions and the dreams you want to pursue.


Style Wars

Style Wars is a prize-winning film that was originally released on PBS in 1983. The film was directed by Tony Silver and co-produced by Henry Chalfant, only to later receive raves and positive reviews. The film focuses on urban art, street art and even performance art acts and why they are important for our culture and to help with the growth of communities. Understanding graffiti, its purpose and how to share a message with creativity and art is a main focal point of Style Wars.


Revolution OS

Revolution OS is a documentary directed by J.T.S. Moore that was first released in 2001 covering the wide range of issues relating to security, privacy and even copyright laws with one of the largest software companies in the entire world, Microsoft. The documentary focuses on technology experts and hackers who created the “Open Source Movement” to help with developing additional operating systems that users had the option of choosing from and working with whether they were web designers or interested in coding and programming. Richard Stallman is featured in this film because he is one of the more well-known activists that worked to being the Open Source Movement into fruition, expanding the Internet and software industry as we know it today.


Engineering an Empire – “Da Vinci’s World”

If you enjoy the history of art and design or if you are seeking videos for inspiration that are relevant to the past, the “Da Vinci’s World” episode of Engineering an Empire is a must see. The history of the design and architecture of the 15th and 16th century is covered in this episode and it allows you to observe the progression of the Industrial Era and Renaissance times.


Exit Through the Gift Shop

Banksy is a well-known street and stencil artist who prefers to keep his identity anonymous and out of the public eye. Exit Through the Gift Shop is a documentary created by amateur filmmaker Thierry Guetta to cover the extraordinary works of Banksy, who is often referred to as a classic graffiti artist. The film covers Banksy’s works, his messages and why he prefers to stay anonymous, helping Guetta to rediscover himself as a street artist in Los Angeles.


Metamorphose: MC Escher Documentary

Metamorphose: MC Escher Documentary is a film created and directed by Jan Bosdriesz in 1999. The documentary covers M.C. Escher throughout his life and the type of art he was interested in from his school days until later as a student of architecture. The documentary covers the entire life of Escher (1898-1972) and not only delves into the styles of art he became known for, but also his personal life and struggles with traditional school settings. Those who are seeking videos for design inspiration and the struggles of working to become an artist should watch this film.



Moog is an ideal documentary that allows design and technology to come together as one with information on the Moog synthesizer. Robert Moog is known for creating his infamous Moog synthesizer, which is still used and referred to by some of the most well-known artists in the music industry. Watching Moog is a must if you are seeking videos for inspiration revolving around music, design and technology combined.


We Live in Public

We Live in Public is a documentary celebrating the 40th anniversary of the invention of the Internet. When you are seeking design and technology videos for inspiration, watch We Live in Public to get an in-depth look into the virtual world that surrounds us to today and how it is affecting humanity and society altogether. The documentary follows an Internet pioneer, Josh Harris, and was directed by the award-winning Ondi Timoner, who documented his own life for nearly a decade to create this one of a kind masterpiece. is the official website for the documentary and can be accessed today for more information.


Fractals: Hunting The Hidden Dimension

If you have a passion for design and technology and you are seeking videos for inspiration that are truly mind-blowing, watching Fractals: Hunting the Hidden Dimension is highly recommended. This documentary focuses on the views of the French mathematician Benoit Mandelbrot, who understood it is possible to find fractal and repeating patterns throughout nature, giving us insight into the depths of sacred and fractal geometry that helps bring balance to our lives. Exploring the patterns and fractals we find in everyday objects, foods and those around us is a way to seek out new inspiration while understanding that all is connected with the world.



Connected is an extremely engaging and modern film on the way we are virtually connected at all times today. The film, created directed by Tiffany Shlain, compares humanity’s relationship with technology and the Internet and how it affects us in various areas of our lives. Understanding how technology has shifted the paradigm of what is considered to be “normal” in life is a way to gain insight into what the future holds for our society.


The Pixar Story

One of the ultimate videos for inspiration when it comes to design and technology is The Pixar Story, a documentary film about how Pixar first began creating animations and was originally a small start-up company just searching for ways to shake up the animation industry. Ultimately, Pixar became one of the most popular and well-known animation companies around the world, changing the entire face of animation and computer design as we know it today. The Pixar Story was written by Leslie Iwerks and Jeff Vincent and directed by Leslie Iwerks as well in 2007.


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