Digital and Mobile Marketing Trends

Digital marketing is growing at an amazing rate. Over the course of 2013, we expect to see several fundamental shifts in the way people access and consume media.  Most notably, the usage of mobile devices has increased exponentially and is affecting how people interact with businesses and brands. The mobile marketing trends in 2013 are showing a continued rise of tablet based browsing, something to consider when redesigning your mobile website.

Some statistics from around the web:

  • Mobile traffic is quickly rivaling desktop traffic. Mobile phones are out selling desktops. It is expected by 2015 in the U.S. that more people will browse the internet on smart phones and tablets than on the desktop.
  • Mobile and local are becoming tightly integrated.  Examining the search habits of mobile users vs. desktop users yields some interesting findings.  Most notably, mobile users tend to conduct local searches with higher frequency (30% compared to 16% on desktop computers).  So, if you’re a local business you will want to invest more heavily in a nice mobile experience for your users. If mobile users can’t find your site when conducting a local search, you’re leaving money on the table.  And just because you rank well in search results from a desktop PC, it doesn’t mean you hold the same rank in social searches.
  • Marketings are planning big increases in mobile.  In fact, over 40% of marketers plan to increase their mobile spend in 2013 and we expect that number to increase even more in 2014.
  • Mobile ad revenue passed $11 billion.  Since 2011 there has been a 400% increase in mobile ad spend and it’s expected to more than double by 2016.

Is your business website mobile friendly?

If your site is not mobile friendly at this point (heck, even your email marketing should be mobile friendly) you are missing a huge portion of users and all the opportunity those users bring with them.

As you can see, mobile is becoming a more important part of the internet marketing mix, I advise you take a good look at making your website responsive, so that it conforms to all browser sizes and looks consistent with the desktop version.

There have been rumors of potential SEO benefits to making your website responsive and Google actually recommends it, but more than all that, do it for your users. They will thank you with new business and return traffic.

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