15 Free Graphic Design Resources

Whether you’re managing an upcoming design project or you’re simply looking for new and useful resources for independent work, it’s possible to find a variety of graphic design resources online. If you are seeking fonts, free stock photography or even free textures for your designs, there are many options that fit any style of work you are looking to create.


All good design begins with typography. DaFont features a library of fonts separated into categories ranging from classic sans serif and serif fonts, to fonts that are Gothic, fancy and even bitmap pixel-based typefaces. Reviewing font licenses and downloading individual fonts can be done within seconds of locating the perfect typeface for your own projects. DaFont does not require you to register an account before downloading fonts directly to your hard drive.


Creative Commons Search

Finding images to implement into any graphic design project can be costly, especially for commercially-driven work. When you want to find graphic design resources across search engines such as Google and photo communities including Flickr, the Creative Commons Search is available. Using the Creative Commons Search is a way to find CC-licensed media files including everything from photos to videos and vector graphics. It is also possible to find CC-licensed audio clips and full-length songs to download and use to complete any type of media project.


Wikimedia Commons

Wikimedia Commons offers a way to browse more than 3.7 million files that have been uploaded by users of the site to be publicly used. Wikimedia Commons is an ideal network that allows you to search for graphic design resources and additional media types by categories and the type of media you are interested in. Topics range from people to art, and the types of media available include drawings, photos, freely licensed content and even symbols that are publicly-available. Using Wikimedia Commons does not require a user registration and allows anyone to download the freely-licensed content within seconds of finding the images or resources you are interested in using.


Flickr – Creative Commons

Flickr has become one of the largest photo-based social networks online today allowing users to create various albums to represent their lives while sharing photos with others around the world. If you enjoy the photos available on Flickr but you are seeking photos that have a Creative Commons license, Flickr provides an entire section for that. Flickr’s Creative Commons section of the network offers a way to view only photos that have been uploaded and shared with a Creative Commons license, saving time from browsing additional photos that require further licensing prior to using them as graphic design resources.


Stock Vault

Finding the right photos to use as graphic design resources or for specific elements of a photo can be challenging, especially when you are seeking license-free photos and Creative Commons images. With Stock Vault, there are more than 36,000 free images available to search and use freely without licensing regardless of whether you are developing a commercial project or a personal project. Photos from Stock Vault range from images of nature and people, to 3D renderings and graphic design resources for frequently used design programs.


Computer Arts

If you are interested in knowing more about the latest design trends with graphic design resources and web design, doing so is possible with Computer Arts. Computer Arts provides an array of free online tutorials and guides that can assist with learning new techniques with the latest releases of the most popular graphic design programs. Tutorials include learning by video on how to use InDesign to viewing step-by-step illustrations that might show how to mimic a new Photoshop technique you are not aware exists.



Finding freebie resources ranging from Photoshop textures and brushes, to high-quality vector images is possible with Bittbox. Bittbox is a blog that provides tutorials on typography and graphic design resources to downloadable content including vectors and Photoshop presets including brushes. Downloading textures from Bittbox offers a way to add realistic effects to your own images and designs.


You The Designer

You The Designer is a blog that is dedicated to sharing graphic design resources along with tips and trends to stay updated with the newest styles and looks on and offline. With You The Designer, it’s possible to download free icons and graphic design resources while browsing the entire website’s library of resources and information on latest design programs, freebies and tricks to make your projects stand out.



Texture King

Adding textures to an image you are creating is a way to add layers of realism and special effects without editing the text and photographs you add into the image. Finding free, good quality textures that have a high-resolution for commercial and personal usage can be done with TextureKing. TextureKing provides users multiple categories of textures including wood, metal, paint and even glass textures to create any effect you have in mind.



Seeking intricate and ornate patterns that are useful for websites and for creating backgrounds in new designs? SquidFingers is the personal website of Travis Beckham who has worked independently as a programmer and designer for much of his adult life. The patterns available from SquidFingers are ideal for both print work and for web backgrounds that are CSS-based or image-based.



Using custom brushes in Photoshop is one of the quickest ways to add new elements to a design to create any type of look you envision. Photoshop brushes are available entirely for free with Brusheezy, an online community dedicated to user-uploaded Photoshop brushes that can be downloaded and used in both personal and commercial projects. There are multiple licenses available on Brusheezy, so it is important to review the licenses before using any of the brushes for a commercial project you are working on. It is also possible to download free patterns and textures for Photoshop once you are familiar with Brusheezy and the entire network of graphic design resources available.


CG Textures

CG Textures is one of the most well-known online texture websites dedicated to having the very best textures available for free and commercial use. CG textures includes textures organized by categories including fabrics, wood, papers and even metals to create any type of image or design without purchasing the rights to texture photos. CG textures does require users to create a basic account to download images and it allows you to download and the save of any textures available on the site.



When you are working on a new project, creating dummy text and paragraphs to preview the overall look of your design can help you to get more perspective on the appearance of the design you are making. Generating dummy text can be done with Lipsum, a free dummy text generator that works within seconds to generate as many paragraphs or words you need of a fictitious language.



Whether you are seeking a full-time position as a graphic designer or you are looking for work that allows you to freelance, using Krop is highly recommended. Krop is a free search that includes a wide range of part-time, full-time and even freelance graphic design jobs from around the world.


Design Resource Search Engine

The Design Resource Search Engine provides users to browse design-related websites to find tips, tricks and even relevant downloads that can be useful within projects of your own. The Design Resource Search Engine is based on creating a custom Google search engine so you will only receive the most relevant results that revolve around design.


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    • Anirban Pathak
    • March 6, 2014

    Great article. A good image can make or break your graphic design project. Sometimes one of the most tedious parts of graphic design is finding the resources we need to make the project happen. So, today’s post I have compiled a list some of the useful free graphic design resources for graphic designers.