Free Icon Set Download: Digital Creation

Free Icon Set Download: Digital Creation

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There’s something about the design of early digital machines that conjures feelings of nostalgia. Sure, things have improved with regard to digital technology. Computers are faster and much more powerful, cameras operate at a resolution that now renders the functionality of their older models almost laughable. Even still, looking at these old models makes us here at AXZM feel like times were easier back then. Were those days the good old days? Sometimes we think so, which is why we’ve created the above icons and are giving them out for a free download. Please, feel free to download our free icon set.

With the direction that digital creation and documentation is taking now, it’s hard not to look back at those things as relics. They could never keep up with our workload and workflow today, considering where content creation is headed.

A New Era of Content Creation

We’re entering into a new era of content creation. More businesses are becoming publishers, turning to content creation of video, art  as a new means of obtaining customers and generating leads. Do you belong to one of the many businesses that has or is thinking about adopting content marketing as a new marketing strategy. If so, this icon set is for you.

As we focus on our upcoming content strategies, this free icon set nods to a time when creating content wasn’t as immediate as it is today. The antiquated equipment icons pictured above are exactly that: iconic. That’s why we chose to use them rather than the highly evolved versions they’ve become today. After all, technology is moving so fast, why not use icons that are as timeless as these?

A Series of Free Icon Sets

This is the second in a series of AXZM free icon sets. If you like these icons and find them useful, take a look at the Data Mining icons in our previous giveaway and feel free to grab those as well. Don’t forget to be on the lookout for more free icons sets from us in the future.

Digital Creation Icon Sets

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