Good Design, Good Conversions

It’s no secret having a quality web design will lead to good conversions. If you have a good design alone, it does not mean you will have good conversion rates however.

In order to guide customers through the purchasing process, you need to have something of value (of course, why else would they bee there?) and your content needs to be compelling enough to get a visitor to take action.

Clean layouts that are easy to navigate and typography that is easy to read will result in keeping visitors / potential customers on your site longer.

If your site appears crowded or cluttered, is hard to read, visitors will become frustrated and leave. The goal with site design for good conversions is to make a customer’s experience as simple and efficient as possible.

Good site design builds trust between a business and its customers. Imagine walking into a store with overflowing shelves, dirty floors and unkempt employees.

Poor website design conveys the same image and does little to gain consumer confidence. If your site is in need of a makeover, try these design tips to increase your good conversions.

Utilize White Space

Adding empty space to your website design may seem counter-intuitive, but if you don’t balance your stylistic elements with clear areas, customers won’t know where to look first.

White space allows the most important parts of each page on your site to stand out, showing customers what you want them to see and guiding them toward purchases that add up to good conversions.

Know Where the Eye is Looking

Internet users rarely read anything straight through. Instead, they browse for the information that they want, resulting in a unique reading pattern.

Combined with traditional left-to-right reading, this scanning pattern results in the eye paying more attention to the upper left and lower right quadrants of a webpage.

Take advantage of this for good conversions by placing important business or product info in one of these areas and calls to action in another.

Point Things Out

Another way to highlight the important parts of your website is to point them out. Abandon subtlety for arrows and other linear design elements and put customers’ attention right where you want it.

Visitors likely won’t notice that they’re being guided. Instead, they’ll see a clear path of information that makes them want to further explore your product offerings, putting you one step closer to gaining more good conversions.

Use the Power of Suggestion

As a business owner, you already know how to get good conversions from your target audience. Use this knowledge to create powerful copy that makes consumers want to purchase your products.

Show them what you have to offer with clear details and pictures or screenshots. Showcasing the product isn’t enough; you must convey why it works for your customer base and which options are the best choices for their particular needs. Bringing these elements together helps customers make buying decisions and works to increase good conversions.

Close the Deal

Keeping customers’ attention from the initial visit to the end of a sale is essential. You don’t want to spend all your time and effort on site design to have your customers leave before completing their purchases, thus losing you good conversions.

Make sure that “Add to Cart” buttons are visible on all product pages and a checkout link is always available. The actual checkout process should be as streamlined as possible.

Eliminate distractions and provide a clean, clear path from shopping cart to final payment to ensure that customers feel secure in their purchases.

When you’re looking to increase good conversions for your online business, good site design is key. From basic visual elements to quality copy, the time you spend improving your website pays off by offering a better user experience.

Happy customers are repeat customers, and many will share their shopping experiences with others, bringing more good conversions to your site.

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