How to Get a Free Education as a Programmer

Working as a web developer is a way to bring applications, websites and entire brands to life online reaching a much greater audience than with traditional mediums in advertising and marketing.

When you want to obtain a free education as a web developer, you can do so with the use of a library of resources made available to anyone.

Although it is possible to attend a traditional college or university to receive a degree in programming and developing, you can also learn all of the skills you need to create any type of website or program you have in mind with the free education resources that are available online today.

Google Code University

Google Code University offers a range of lessons including basic HTML, CSS and Javascript classes that are all covered by Google’s developers and professionals with experience in the format of video. Google Code University also includes an entire catalog of online courses including lessons in mobile application development, various programming languages and a category specifically created for web development. Understanding and working with AJAX and databases can also be learned in addition to the traditional Javascript, HTML and CSS tutorials that are available.




Treehouse, also known as “Team Treehouse”, is a community of tutorials ranging from basic web development to programming and understanding how to work with Android and iOS systems. Treehouse offers tests and virtual rewards including badges when you have received an achievement or once you have passed a test on the material you have learned. The site is easy to use and allows you to view the step by step process of building entire websites from the ground up. There are both free tutorials and a subscription-based option for those who are interested in gaining access to the entire library of videos and tutorials from Treehouse.




Codecademy is a teaching community built by self-proclaimed hackers and coders themselves to offer the world the opportunity to understand how to program without expensive college costs. Codecademy is a highly-interactive website that provides tutorials in JavaScript and basic web fundamentals along with Ruby, Python, jQuery and handling APIs when developing applications and online programs. Code Academy is ideal whether you are working independently or if you want to become a web developer professionally as well.



Code School

Code School provides an array of free education options for those who want to work as a web developer freelancing or for a professional company. Code School offers screencasts, video tutorials and walk-throughs and step by step guides to become familiar with everything from CSS and HTML to advanced programming languages such as Ruby and jQuery. You can also learn to develop mobile applications with Code School, all for free.



Mozilla School of Webcraft

The Mozilla School of Webcraft, provides step by step tutorials for a web developer that is interested in knowing the basics of HTML, CSS and even design depending on the projects you are working to complete. The Mozilla School of Webcraft is entirely free to use regardless of your experience and whether you are planning to launch a blog or develop an entirely new mobile application.




Udacity offers lessons for any aspiring web developer seeking a free education with the assistance of expert professors out of the University of Virginia and Standford itself. Udacity provides interactive college courses for subjects such as Mathematics, Business and Computer Science. Learning to build a web browser or an entire search engine can be done by taking one of the many free education courses available from Udacity without registration fees and worrying about college applications. Most of the courses available from Udacity are provided in a video format so you are able to visually see the steps required for you to complete a task whether you are programming yourself or just learning the basics of the languages you are interested in expanding on.




Coursera is a community created to provide education and credibility to those who are seeking a free education as a web developer or as a student of science, medicine, philosophy and more. Coursera offers a wide range of classes that can help you to better understand the web world along with many other subjects you may find yourself interested in. The classes and lessons available from Coursera are scheduled and do require you to complete classwork, tests and exams to be rewarded with an official certificate stating you have finished the tasks yourself. Coursera is taught by leading professors from some of the most prestigious universities around the country, giving you the chance to learn everything you want to know about developing a website or programming without attending the university or college yourself. Most of the courses from Coursera are in video format and include professors speaking directly to you about the material that is being taught and how you can go about implementing what you have learned in websites or the type of application you are developing.



The Code Player

The Code Player is a unique way of learning specific web development material when you are seeking a free education online. The Code Player provides full-length videos and walk-throughs provided by web designers and developers themselves to accomplish a basic task or to understand the method of programming an entire page or application. Essentially, using The Code Player allows you to view the hands-on process of completing any project you want to work on from the developer’s perspective with the use of video. It is also possible to create your own video walk-throughs to share with those who are also seeing a free education.




Programmr is another online resource community that allows you to learn programming and website development right from home entirely free of any cost. Courses include understanding Java, C++, PHP, Python, Ruby, AJAX and even C#. It is also possible to learn to develop Android and iOS applications depending on the project you have taken on. Programmr also includes real exercises and examples for all lessons to give you a complete lesson in understanding the formation of the programming while allowing you to put your own skills to the test for free.



Stack Overflow

Once you begin to program and work in web development, you are likely to encounter issues, bugs and in some cases, questions of your own. Stack Overflow is an online community to help with asking and answering questions for all programs and development enthusiasts. Using Stack Overflow does not require a user registration and gives you the opportunity to ask questions regarding any type of programming you are working on while helping others to resolve their own inquiries and any problems they may have encountered.


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    • Vincent Wright
    • February 25, 2013

    These are excellent, excellent, EXCELLENT resources! Thanks!

    Quick question: Was there a reason for leaving off W3 Schools or MIT OCW (OpenCourseWare)?

    • Reply

      I actually already included W3C in an older post here. I will get around to updating this eventually with a few others I left out as well, I just don’t like to post the same resource more than once as a general rule.