Improve Ecommerce Conversions With SSL

Looking to boost your ecommerce conversions? One simple thing you can do is add an SSL certificate to your site. Shopping on-line today is really all about trust. No matter what you’re selling, no matter the price, if your site visitor doesn’t feel the site is safe or reputable, conversion rates are going to be low. This is especially true in smaller, non-brand e-commerce sites where little is known about the company behind the website. To overcome this obstacle your site should have several characteristics to help a potential customer take a leap of faith and purchase from you.

Some of the well documented Conversion Rate Optimization tactics you can use include:

  • Professional website design.
  • Intuitive navigation.
  • Well designed logo.
  • Ubiquitous contact information (phone, e-mail, FaceBook, Twitter, etc.).
  • A secure shopping experience.

Assuming your site is well designed, trust becomes the last major factor needed to overcome visitor hesitancy. Hesitancy is usually the result of a lack of assurance that the customer’s data will be in safe hands. Although the average consumer is not well versed in e-commerce security, there are various specific items they look for, including:

  • A secure https connection.
  • SSL trust seals.

A Secure Socket Layer (SSL) connection is one in which the connection between a web server and a browser is encrypted. Encryption makes sure the information sent by the customer is seen only by the destination web server and no one else. All SSL connections display a web address beginning with “https” as opposed to the non-secure “http”.

Although an SSL connection virtually guarantees a secure financial transaction there is more to SSL than just the secure connection. To qualify for an SSL connection an e-commerce site must meet very specific requirements including a confirmed business license, confirmed contact information and a confirmed physical location from where the business is run. As such, having an SSL connection implies that the company behind the website is reputable and responsible. Having an SSL running on your site is one of the first steps in getting your e-commerce website PCI compliant.

Due to the benefits provided by having SSL, providers have come up with SSL trust seals which can be prominently displayed throughout a website to reassure visitors that they are dealing with a professional organization. Basically an SSL trust seal authenticates your website’s identity.

There are many types of SSL providers and they each offer slightly different products at varying price points. Although, it is universally agreed upon that any SSL connection is better than none, it is also agreed that the more prominent the SSL supplier is, the more a site will benefit from displaying its trust seal.

If you are not using SSL on your online store, you could be exposing sensitive customer data! Get one installed as soon as possible. Adding one to your website is not that hard and will instantly increase the trust of your users which will result in more conversions. That in itself will help offset the initial cost of the SSL certificate.

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