Local SEO Tools That Will Make Your Life Easier

It seems like almost everyone has a tablet or smartphone these days. These new mobile devices are the focus of the big tech companies and they get better every month.

Mobile operating systems have brought a lot of creativity from web developers, and new applications taking advantage of features offered by “smart” devices can make life easier in many ways.

Perhaps one of the neatest features of mobile devices is location awareness. Built-in GPS systems in most devices allow apps to give you information about your location and what’s around you.

Possibly the oldest use of location data is in search. Companies like Google began using location to determine search results. It makes sense — if you search for anything from “pizza restaurant” to “lawyer,” you probably want to find businesses near you. One problem with this industry is that there isn’t one standard app or platform for local SEO.

For the business owner, it can be complicated to submit your location to every major search directory. Fortunately, a number of local SEO tools exist to help you track your business’ visibility in location-based search directories. In this post we’ll review some of the best current local SEO tools. These tools are designed to make your business more visible in major search engines like Google, Yahoo! and Bing.


With more than 14 million listings, Localeze has one of the largest business databases available and aims to be a comprehensive list of all local businesses. It offers business owners the ability to submit information about their business or modify an existing business entry to include lots of basic information. NAP (Name, Address, and Phone number) is comprised of the three most valuable points of data. Finding or adding a listing is quite easy. Localeze’s database is used by all three of the major search engines, as well as popular phone book sites. Localeze is possibly the most powerful and complete business database listing tool.


Get Listed

The goal of GetListed.org is to provide information on where your business is already listed, and show more places you can register your business. Their dashboard tool plainly shows which search engines your business is listed in and how accurate the information is. They also offer a bunch of information on local SEO, including a blog and links to local SEO companies and other local SEO tools. Getting started is easy, and their home page offers a quick tool to get an overview of where your business is listed.



Yext makes some impressive claims. Their service reaches a combined viewership of 150 million users per month, and is used by ten Fortune 100 companies. Somewhat similar to Localeze, Yext has one simple database you put your business’ information in, and their data is synced with hundreds of top search websites and local business directories. Yext is one of the simplest and most powerful local SEO tools available.


White Spark

White Spark offers their local SEO tools on tiered plans. They offer a free service, but also have monthly subscription plans depending on your needs. Their Local Citation Finder shows citations across the web for you business, and suggests more places to get listed. One unique feature they offer is a comparison with competing businesses. White Spark also offers some more generic SEO tools to help improve your search ranking.


Universal Business Listing

Despite their ambitious name, Universal Business listing is one of the smaller companies on this list of local SEO tools, but nevertheless offers competitive features. The UBL doesn’t offer many free tools, but has several pricing tiers depending on your needs. They offer a similar range of local SEO tools to the other companies we’ve covered here. One advantage of the UBL is that you get a little better and more personalized service with some of their paid plans, whereas many of the other tools are just forms to type data into.


Bright Local

Bright Local started as a traditional SEO company, but has expanded to offer specific local SEO tools. Citation Burst is one of the cleanest and easy-to-use tools offered for local SEO listings. Their tool searches over 1,000 directories for your business listing, then makes it easy to submit to any directories you aren’t yet in. Bright Local is also one of the few companies to offer guaranteed results – they promise that 70% of submission will become live listings withing four weeks, and they will keep submitting your website to more directories at no charge until they reach 70%, if that didn’t happen in the initial four weeks.



Many of these local SEO tools appear relatively similar in many aspects — they research your business’s current listings, then offer submissions to many more sites. I don’t know if there is one best website. Depending on your needs and budget, one site may work better for you than others. Overall, Bright Local had the easiest to use submission tool, and Localeze, Get Listed, and Yext seem to have to biggest outreach. You may even find it valuable to try more than one of these tools. With the current popularity of local SEO terms, the value of doing this for your business is immeasurable, and can drastically boost search rankings and thus web (and human) traffic.

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