AirLease Intl.


AirLease International came to AXZM at the end of 2012 in need of a semantic, modern, SEO friendly website to help sell their massive inventory of JT8D engines. We were happy to oblige them with a custom WordPress theme that enabled them to manage their own content. We were happy to oblige them with a custom WordPress theme that enabled them to manage their own content.

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American Pregnancy Association

The American Pregnancy Association approached AXZM in need of help rebuilding and designing their enormous website. For years, the APA has been an online authority promoting pregnancy wellness to millions of users seeking information. Our work including reorganizing all their content, setting up a content strategy and incorporating inbound marketing.

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Hi-Line approached AXZM in 2012 in need of a website with a content management system and an e-commerce store for their massive portfolio. We were able to provide a beautiful new website design on a custom Wordpress theme, and the second phase will be an easy-to-use e-commerce store with detailed information on each of their 30,000 products.

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Switch Commerce

In one of our biggest success stories, Switch Commerce, an ATM Processing company, came to AXZM in 2009. Since that time, we have provided them with a number of services, including a website redesign, enterprise level search engine optimization and inbound marketing. Continue reading to see how our work has helped Switch Commerce.

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Armstrong Kellett Bartholow

Armstrong Kellett Bartholow

When Armstrong Kellett Bartholow P.C. approached AXZM, they were in need of a website that appeal to local potential clients. Since they worked in the realm of bankruptcy and credit law, they needed a subtle and delicate web design that was branded to feel authoritative and calming for clients. We provided them with that and more.

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Web Design Portfolio Steven Transport

Stevens Transport

Stevens transport came to us with a big need. All of their web assets were spread out and difficult to manage. They wanted to have a mainframe where they can manage all of their websites from one location. AXZM was able to provide them with that, as well as a web application and numerous microsites. Continue reading to see the results.

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Freedom Paper

Freedom Paper came to AXZM for help with their e-commerce store. The company, a leading name in online paper sales, had over 100,000 SKUs. But they were difficult to organize and manage on Freedom Paper’s outdated, difficult-to-use Netsweep platform. AXZM provided Freedom Paper with a website redesign and SEO. See how their web traffic has increased.

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KBM Group

Many companies approach AXZM with a similar problem. The company that built their website did so in a way that made it impossible for the employees to edit and manage. Such was the case with KBM Group. We came in and built a Wordpress website with a control panel that was easy for them to manage. Continue reading about the return they got on their investment.

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When ZRL approached AXZM, they had no website to promote their patented, innovative drilling techniques on the Internet. In fact their service was not branded at all. We quickly got to work building them a beautiful site on a Wordpress theme that could easily be updated by non-technical members of the ZRL team. Most importantly, they now have a solid footprint on the web.

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Melissa ISD

Small Texas school district, Melissa Independent School District, came to AXZM because they needed an easier system with which to manage their content. The school district’s previous website was static with no new content being published. And, there was no centrally-located control panel for all the schools. AXZM was able to help. Continue reading to find out how.

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Benefit Corp

In the spring of 2011, Benefit Corp approached AXZM with a static website. They had no way to create a steady stream of content on their website. They needed an entirely new website design built on a custom Wordpress platform that we were able to provide. Also, we did some on-page search engine optimization work. Continue reading to see how they’re doing now.

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Cooper Installation Services

Before approaching AXZM, Cooper Installation, a hardware installation company, had a static website that wasn’t gaining the web traffic that the company wanted. AXZM came in and provided a number of services for them, including a complete web redesign on a Wordpress platform, on-page SEO and consulting work. Continue reading to find out how they’re doing today.

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