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Chunky Boyz


Big Black is co-star of the successful MTV reality series, Rob & Big. The show was so successful that its first season gained the number one spot for its targeted audience in its time slot on cable TV. After a few seasons of that, Big Black decided to parley the fame that he garnered from the show into a career in hip hop.

He approached AXZM with the commission to design the CD cover for his group’s new record. The Chunky Boyz were the group in question, and Big Black recognized AXZM’s history in the local hip hop community. The team was honored and quickly began hashing out design ideas for the project. The Chunky Boyz were happy with our initial concept, and after only a few more cups of copy and a handful of revisions, we handed over the final product.

Big Black was so happy with the work that AXZM did on the album cover that he retained the team to customize and manage all of The Chunky Boyz’ social media pages. We were able to brand the group’s social media pages to match their album cover.

Basically, we delivered a fat design to match their theme.