Our Process

At the root of our various production processes is a core process that we apply to everything we do. Our roots are in web design and web development and this has heavily influenced how we approach business. We believe to create something really great, it involves an ongoing process of refinement. There are no shortcuts. There are no silver bullets. Quality is everything.

  1. Discovery

    Before we can get started we need to meet with you and discuss your key objectives and goals for the project to make sure they are closely aligned with your content strategy.

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  2. Planning & Organization

    Once we understand all your requirements, we begin the project planning phase. Checklists and a questionnaire’s help us set up a group of guidelines before we begin the project to ensure that everything stays in scope.

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  3. Concept & Design

    Once we have established a framework and mood board for your project, we begin to set up a site outline with sitemap and wireframes. Our web design team begins the process of designing a mockup that matches all the requirements discussed in our previous meetings.

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  4. Construction

    After the creative is approved, we begin to code your website. We set up specific tasks and milestones so that project benchmarks are planned and coordinated in a timely manner. Configuration of the server, CMS Installation, XHTML / CSS, as well as building the different web pages.

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  5. Test, Test, Test

    Before your website is launched, we run it through the wringer to ensure rock-solid stability, usability and cross-browser compatibility. Then we move the website from our staging servers and you are ready to rock!

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  6. Maintenance & Support

    We offer support services through a variety of different channels after your site is live: Dallas PPC & Dallas SEO campaigns, web analytics Reporting, Security Updates, Site Backups and training. The web is always evolving, and we’re there every step of the way.

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