Competitive Analysis

Competitive Analysis

We conduct an extensive Competitive Analysis with each SEO campaign to see how your company’s website measures up to the competition.

We then create a plan to increase traffic and visibility with content relevant to your industry and target consumers. Over time, this process will help you increase your rankings.

icon_chart_curveBeat Out Competition

Don’t settle for second place! We can help you compete with some of the biggest names in your industry with the right mix of social media and search engine marketing.

icon-user-business-bossRaise Your Profile

When you rank in top positions for highly competitive keywords, there is a halo effect. Visitors perceive your company as the authority. Use this to your advantage to take market share.

icon-chart-pie-separateGrow Market Share

Take the competitive insights we provide and use them to develop a marketing plan, or have us create and implement one for you. Search engine optimization strategies is a big part of what we do.

Competitive Analysis ServicesGet an edge over your competition.

It is hard to stay competitive in a global economy. You need every advantage you can get. Researching how your competition is finding success is a great place to start to figure out what you need to do to be successful.

We tell our clients to not worry about their competition. Be aware of who they are and take note of things they’ve done right, but don’t let what they do define your goals, because when you do that, you’ll always be one step behind them.

Our competitive analysis service allows business owners to monitor the tactics, technology and progress of their competitors’ internet marketing efforts so they can make the right decisions.

Whether you want to know what content management system they are using, how many links they have pointing to their website or where they are getting links from, we can help you develop a digital strategy that will grow your market share.

icon_zoomKeyword Research

Our SEO experts research your business and industry and select the most ideal keywords to target. Based on this research we help you drive traffic and convert more of those potential customers to leads and sales.

icon-ui-tab-contentOnsite Analysis

We make sure all of the messaging, keywords and content on your website is among the best in your industry. We also evaluate the content of your competitors and find key differentiators to help you stand out.

icon_worldOffsite Analysis

We cross-reference various off-site metrics, stacking your link profile against your competitors to see how you can beat them. Doing so will help us plan a strategy to improve your search engine rankings long term.

icon-camera-lensCompetitive Surveillance

It never hurts to know what your competition is up to. We closely monitor your competition’s search engine rankings as well as their search engine optimization strategy and come up with ethical counter measures.

icon_chart_barTechnology Analysis

What kind of content management system is your competition using? Does it offer a strategic advantage over your CMS? We can find out exactly what kind of technology your competition is using and how they are doing it.

icon_chart_organisationProcess Automation

Is your company wasting resources on redundant tasks? Is your competition using business process automation to streamline their own process? We can help you automate your business process so you can lower costs.

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