Keyword Research

Keyword Research

Keyword Research is the foundation of your internet marketing strategy. Without understanding how people find and access your website and its content, you will not be able to stay competitive with your competitors that do.

Our team of experienced Search Engine Marketing professionals will conduct extensive keyword research to better inform your internet marketing efforts.

icon-user-business-bossKnow Your Customers

Keyword research when done correctly can be instrumental in identifying your customers’ needs and guide your overall content strategy by confirming what your target consumers are looking for.

icon_chart_barUnderstand Your Market

Almost every company today can benefit from keyword research. By understanding the amount of searches and the related long-tail for a given term, you get a picture of demand.

icon-trophyStay Competitive

When you know how and where your competitors rank, you have a path to achieving comparable rankings yourself. Our team can help you develop a strategy to increase your rankings.

Keyword Research ServicesUnderstand your market and customers better through keyword research.

With billions of searches being conducted every month on Google alone, knowing the correct keywords to target and understanding how people find the things you offer is critical.

Gearing up your online marketing efforts to build trust and authority while driving targeted traffic that converts to leads / sales is a must these days to stay competitive.

Whether you have never had keyword research for your website or you are a veteran, it should be understood that search data is in flux and is constantly changing.

Because of this, keyword research is an ongoing process. Our team can help you uncover thousands of long-tail opportunities that will drive your content marketing strategy.

icon_chart_curveKeyword Demand

We can identify and analyze the top keyword terms in your market and refine that list down to the most optimum terms, so you do not waste time chasing keywords that do not convert well for your type of business.

icon_errorSite Audits

Our expert search engine marketing professionals go through every page on your website can come up with a list of recommendations that will help you improve the overall user experience as well as your web presence.

icon_linkOff-Page Analysis

AXZM will dig up every link (also called hyperlinks) on the web pointing to your site and help you get a clear picture of how you stack against your competition and help you set a path to improve your standing.

icon_chart_pieCompetitive Research

Do your competitors use search engine traffic? Chances are, they probably do. We can identify the strengths and weaknesses of your competitors’ web presence and come up with a strategy to make yours even better.

icon-table-select-cellsKeyword Tracking

Tracking your rankings against hundreds of keywords can be a cumbersome task. AXZM can monitor your most important keywords and notify you any changes, but more importantly we can help you act on those changes.

icon_chart_line Keyword Trends

The keywords you rank for now may not be the ones you want to rank for in the future. We can find trending keywords related to your business that are on their way up and ensure you get in early to rank for them.

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