Press Releases

Press Releases

Regularly scheduled press releases can be very useful in helping you gain more visibility for your company as the news can be picked up and promoted on hundreds of thousands of news sites.

With experienced in-house journalists, copywriters and content strategists, our company can write, edit, publish and promote your press releases so they reach the most eyes.

icon_chart_barBoost Traffic

It’s no secret that company news can help drive traffic to your website. With our knowledge in distributing your news to the right networks, we make sure it will be seen by your target audience.

icon-eyeGet Visibility

Press Releases have been used for years to increase visibility and improve public perception of a company’s standing in the marketplace. We can help you get the visibility you deserve.

icon_chart_curveImprove Rankings

Optimized press releases can have a positive impact on your search engine rankings – not because of links in the release, but because bloggers pick up the story, write, link and share.

Our Press Release ServicesHere is an overview of our press release services.

Putting out regular news items sounds like a great idea, but in reality it can be expensive and time consuming. Are you optimizing them right? Which regions should you target? Which syndication services is the most effective?

Our journalists and copywriters have experience creating industry standard news items that are optimized for search and our team of inbound marketing professionals can then distribute and promote them.


How effective will your news be if it isn’t written well? Our team of in-house copywriters have years of experience creating copy that speaks to your audience, defines your brand, and performs well in search engines. Let us handle all your copywriting needs.


Just because you have great news to share about your company doesn’t mean that it will be embraced by all the people that matter. We know how and where to distribute your news to get the most impact to the people that matter most to your business.

icon-ui-layered-paneEditorial Management

Do you need to send out several (or more) company news items each month? Do you need someone to make sure all of them are created, edited and published in a timely way that aligns with your events? We can help you get your editorial calendar in order.


Need someone to format your press release submissions? Our web content management professionals will take your finalized press releases and submit them with the appropriate links and media so they get the best results with people and search engines.


Press releases are still a viable tool to help raise awareness of your business. If done correctly, they can also help aid in your search engine rankings so optimizing your press releases should not be overlooked. We are experts at optimizing content for the web.

icon-filmsVideo Press Releases

Our video production services can take any company news you have and create online videos that can deliver your message in a way that will increase your click-through rates in organic search engine results pages and boost your conversions as a result.

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