Scott Mellman

AXZM’s innovative thinking and customer service really helped streamline our project objectives which inturn lead to immediate results. Not only is the web design team awesome but their SEO skills dominate our competitors.Scott Mellman, Stevens Transport

Bob Minteer

AXZM was retained to put a new face on our company website. They have an inventive spirit, energetic manner and a high degree of trustworthiness. If AXZM says they will do it. It is as good as done. Very refreshing!Bob Minteer, Cooper Flooring

Brian Whalen

Steve and AXZM were an integral part of augmenting our web site with many new interactive features that allowed us to really drive marketing-ROI. His knowledge of WordPress and its strengths allowed us to salvage our corporate web site’s core content and structure.Brian Whalen, KBM Group

Neil Lemons

I’m very impressed with Steve’s integrity and unbridled desire to be the absolute best in Dallas when it comes to Joomla, SEO, and design. I recommend him and his company for any design work, CMS solutions, as well as Internet Marketing services such as content strategies, SEO, and linkbuilding.Neil Lemons,

Ollie Mayr

Steve Floyd is one of the brightest people in the industry. He was under the radar until recently but word has gotten out about his company AZXM. They are perhaps the best SEO company in the region. In no less than 3 months the search engines were placing us first page on searches after working with Steve.Ollie Mayr, iDeal Events

Rick Racinskas

Steve has done a tremendous job on the new DEPI staffing website. He has taken us to Web 2.0 without any pain. After working with several other firms for earlier versions and having to endure the results, I can endorse Steve as extremely qualified and and a real performer.Rick Racinskas, CTDI

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