Top 9 Open Source CRM Systems

Top 9 Open Source CRM Systems

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The right Customer Relations Management software for a company or event requires many functions and features. Over the years, a number of CRM systems have earned the respect of companies, organizations and individual clients.


SugarCRM Community Edition

The SugarCRM Community Edition is among the best customer relations management applications and open source CRM systems available today. It provides many functions that allow maximum management for business and client relationships. Program functions include a personal home page, activity management, contacts, accounts, project management, campaigns, web-to-lead forms, dashboards, cases, email clients and marketing, leads, opportunities, bug tracking and shared calendars.

SugarCRM Community Edition Benefits

• Easy to Use

SugarCRM is easy to learn and understand. It does not require employees and managers to undergo training because the functions are quite simple. It has an integrated group of more than 40 tools for users to choose from.

• Affordable

SugarCRM is among the cheapest programs available for companies. It does not require fees for licensing. However, users need to pay in order to customize the site and for any support required.

SugarCRM Features

The software is easy to install and provides downloadable plugins. It has pre-built dashboards and allows particular data to be accessed only by specific users. The software also allows users to save client information in bulk for better storage. There are also a number of features that SugarCRM provides.

  • Sales Force Automation
  • Sales Tracking
  • Client Service Tracking
  • Advanced Reporting
  • Flows and Invoice Creation

CiviCRM - Open Source CRM Systems


CiviCRM is a CRM system that brings many useful functions for users. It is widely used in companies of different sizes located around the world. This software has also extended its boundaries from corporate users to organizations for event planning and management.

CiviCRM Benefits

• Easy to Use

CiviCRM is so easy to use and manage that even independent organizations are choosing it. It only requires an Internet connection and a computer in order for users to access it. Sending emails and other alerts to people in different locations is also simple with the pre-built options in the program.

• Customized Functions

The software allows people to use and customize its many functions depending on their purpose. It can be used to organize events and manage the implementation process. The program can also function as a tool for advocacy during fundraising and other charity events. This makes CiviCRM distinct from other corporate CRM systems.

Zurmo - Open Source CRM Systems


Zurmo is a new addition to the company’s continuously developing line of CRM systems. It is an online program that can be accessed through mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets. The application also comes with social and gaming options.

Zurmo Benefits

• Custom Software for Each Client

Zurmo can be custom-built in order to embrace the company’s values and interests. The software also allows users to add games and other entertainment options to increase consumer response. It can also be used in different languages including Spanish, French and German.

VTiger - Open Source CRM Systems


VTiger is a CRM program that is suitable for companies that want many functions. It allows users to manage sales, inventory, customer support and service, marketing and other business processes. It comes with a number of functions that are necessary for company management and development.

VTiger Benefits

• Easy Activity Management

The program allows users to manage and organize their calendars and schedules. Users can opt to receive email notifications and activity histories. They can also share their schedules with other users.

• Increased Productivity

VTiger is simple and easy to use in order to provide companies with more time and attention for their business. The users can utilize automatic lead management and conversion. It’s also one of the few CRM systems that allows users to customize product catalogs, price lists, vendor lists and purchase orders.

Fat Free CRM - Open Source CRM

Fat Free CRM

Fat Free CRM is among the best CRM systems for small and medium-sized companies. It can be installed with complete features at no cost. It allows users to manage leads, accounts, contracts, quotes and sales pipelines. The program comes with a number of benefits that provide users with a large range of options without spending anything.

Fat Free CRM Benefits

Fat Free CRM provides many benefits for web-based management. It allows users to send mass emails, create tickets and manage meetings all in one program. The software also provides customized access depending on each user’s role.

Cream CRM

Cream CRM

Cream CRM is one of the best CRM systems for media organizations. It also comes with features that include options for customer service and support, sales automation, email marketing and excellent design templates. The software can also be customized in other languages.

Cream CRM Benefits

Cream CRM comes with many advantages for companies that are involved with media. It has options that let users customize their own site depending on their target market. The program is also affordable and easy to maintain. It provides client support for basic and advanced technical concerns.




OpenCRX is one of the best CRM systems organizations and events. It provides functions that allow users to manage sales and market their products. The software lets users send emails, manage accounts and products, use sales pipelines and track workflow. OpenCRX is also affordable and requires minimal fees for customization options.

OpenCRX Benefits

The software is specifically designed for easier access and management. It allows people to use the program without the need for training or technical skills. The program even allows users with no corporate background such as charitable associations to manage their own account in a professional manner.



EPESI is a great addition to the world of open source CRM systems with a number of features and functions. The basic application and additional features of EPESI CRM comes at no cost. It provides users with a lot of functions that allow them to control and manage their company. The software has intuitive features that lets users access the program easily.

The software features can also be extended at an affordable cost. This is suitable for companies that want advanced sales, management and customer service functions.



MyITCRM is an online computer program that is suitable for companies that focus on service and repair. The software lets people manage and track products and services provided. It allows users to store information on customers in order to have it ready for the next order.

Users can also provide information that includes locations and directions through Google maps. As with other CRM systems, they can also manage work orders and create invoices. Companies can also accept online payments by credit card, Paypal or other means with the pre-built functions.

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  1. John says:

    You should also check out X2CRM – the new compact open source sales and marketing CRM system.

  2. Ray Stoeckicht says:

    Thanks for including Zurmo to the list. There are many solid open source CRM applications in the marketplace today. A few years ago, you could not say that. Appreciate you putting the list together.

  3. Randy says:

    I notice that Zoho CRM is not listed. Is there a eason for this omission or does it just not stack up?

  4. Cloud Lee Sanders says:

    I suggest that every one here check out Sales Boom CRM system, it might not be an open sourced one but it would still handle all your work flow effectively at very competitive price!

  5. Jonathan says:

    Hey Steve: I thought this was a really good survey of CRMs. I’m looking for one for just basically keeping up with my network, something that isn’t for sales and contracts, just for keeping in touch better. If you have any suggestions I’d like to know if you have any ideas or updates.

  6. Leonard says:

    Hi Jonathan,

    Have you tried Yammer? It is not CRM but more on the side of a business social network.

  7. Elise says:

    Great list, Steve, thank you. And Yammer and other salespeople, please stop commenting, we’ll be sure to NOT patronize you.

  8. Becky says:

    do you know of any open source CRM’s in .NET?

  9. Jaspal says:

    Hi Steve,

    Very useful list and breakdown. I have skin care clinic and looking for an open source platform that I can use to build upon. The closest commercial platform that I have found is Any suggestions on what open source choice I should take. Thanks in advance for your help!

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