Web Consulting

Web Consulting

Web consulting is a huge part of what we do at AXZM. In the maze of options and technology available on the web, we help business owners and entrepreneurs avoid the many pitfalls in selecting the right solution for their needs.

Let us help you make the right choices in technology so you can save more revenue to market your business.

icon-light-bulbActionable Insights

Get the information you need to make informed decisions on your next web project. We provide actionable insights into the technology, platforms and processes that will get your project to market on time and within budget.

icon_hourglassSave Valuable Time

Don’t waste valuable time trying to evaluate solutions you do not fully understand. Let us develop a plan of action and strategy for your next web application that will help you keep the project in scope.

icon_moneyLower Costs

Consulting a company with proven experience on the best practices for your type of project before it starts will allow you to avoid expensive development hours that might not be necessary. We help you lower costs.

Our Web Consulting ServicesWe can consult with you on the best direction to go.

Before you rush out to create your next big app, it is advised that you review and understand the limitations of certain platforms and programming languages. It is also advised that you review costs and the pros and cons of each of these languages and platforms so you can make the best decision.

AXZM’s leadership has 10 years of proven experience helping companies choose the right technology for their business needs. Let us review your project requirements and put together the documentation and processes that will make your project a success.

icon_chart_pieSWOT Analysis

We can evaluate the Strengths, Weaknesses, Limitations, Opportunities and Threats related to the technology you are trying to develop and provide an overview of potential entry points to ensure your project is successful

icon_chart_lineCompetitive Analysis

Are there other companies that have a similar application? Who are they and what can you do better? AXZM can not only develop your next app, we can help you find a way to do your application better than the next guy’s.

icon_chart_barRisk Assessment

What are the risks and fixed costs of launching the application you are trying to build? How long will it take before you start making money? We will answer those questions and more when we consult with you.

 icon_page_wordRFP / RFQ Development

Whether you need a Request for Quote or a Request for Proposal document we can develop a well defined engineering document that enables you to set expectations and clearly communicate your goals to the vendors bidding on your project.

icon-calendar-select-weekProject Management

Our experienced staff can manage your entire web application development project in the event that you are using team members located all over the world. We can help you overcome the communication barriers and ensure that the code is audited for quality.

icon_scriptTechnology Evaluation

We can set up staging environments of the 2-3 platforms you are interested and let internal staff use it and provide feedback on which they like best. Based on this feedback we can provide a usability document weighing the pros and cons of each.

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