Open Source

Open Source

Open Source is a philosophy and way of life more than just a production and development methodology.

The White House, MTV, Google, Facebook, Twitter and millions of small businesses and non-profits all over the world have utilized open source software to lower their web development costs, and your business can too.


Without the licensing restrictions of proprietary software, you are free to create what you want, when you want and how you want in order to meet the needs of your business. Helping companies transition to open source software is what we do.


One of the great things about most of the major open source platforms is their flexibility. Because of the large collaborative communities, there are thousands upon thousands of modules, components and plugins available to extend your open source platform.

icon_moneySave Money

Freeing up your budgets from the ongoing costs of commercial software will allow you to put more money toward marketing and lead generation. Our firm can help you avoid wasting valuable time and money by choosing the right open source platform for your needs.

Open Source Web Development SolutionsDevelop web applications large and small with less time and lower cost.

icon_cartShopping Carts

Need a rock solid e-commerce solution to sell your goods online? Using open source platforms, you can create an enterprise-grade e-commerce website that meets PCI compliance and has all the features of proprietary software.

icon_layoutContent Management

Managing content is a breeze with a good open source content management system or CMS for short. These systems allow non-technical users to easily edit web content without having to mess with any code.

icon_dateProject Management

Utilizing free open source software, you can create a completely custom project management system for your business that will allow you track and manage projects with dozens of team members all over the world.

icon-application-cloudCompany Intranets

Whether you need a basic portal for documentation and training, or a highly dynamic company intranet that is intended for collaboration and company-wide communication, you can build it with open source software.

icon-user-blackCRM Systems

Customer Relationship Management (or CRM) is the foundation of your business. Let us help you create a CRM system with open source software that is tailored to accommodate your unique business process.

icon_commentsSocial Networks

Want to build the next big social network? Our experienced team of open source developers can create a social media website with all the features you can dream up and at a fraction of the cost of custom solutions.

icon_buildingEnterprise Planning

Operations can be hard to track from day to day throughout your entire company. Using open source code, you can build our an Enterprise Resource Planning application that tracks every aspect of your business.

icon-box-labelInventory Management

Keeping track of all your inventory is no small feat. AXZM’s web developers can make a secure and robust inventory tracking system using open source software that will lower your long term operating costs.

icon-chart-pie-separateAffiliate Tracking

Need a custom affiliate tracking system to house your promotional banners and keep track of all your affiliate payouts? AXZM can create an open source affiliate tracking system customized to match your brand (and budgets).

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