Project Management System

Project Management System

A web-based Project Management System can allow contractors and employees to collaborate, share documents, receive invoices and purchase orders and much more.

Our developers can implement a commercial, open source or custom Project Management System that will allow you to stay on top of your projects from planning to execution.

icon_chart_curveBoost Productivity

Having a universally accessible place where all project assets are tracked, time and performance is monitored and communication is encouraged, an environment of transparency occurs which results in higher productivity.

icon_chart_barIncrease Efficiency

When people can access the information they need and there is a clear system of organization, projects traditionally go a lot smoother. Our project management solutions will allow you to run your projects more efficiently.

icon_mapAnywhere, Anytime

Does your company have employees all over the world? With AXZM’s project management system integration, you will be able to collaborate with them seamlessly, helping you overcome any differences in time zones.

Project Management System Features Manage your projects with teams all over the world.

A system of managing your projects can be instrumental in their success, especially when you have many integration points and various contractors collaborating from abroad. Getting the right project management system for your budget and needs is only half the equation. Choosing one that all of your team members will adopt is just as important.

Making sure you select a system that is easy to use, accessible in all desktop and mobile browsers as well as the features you require, have to all be factored in. Let our software experts leverage more than a decade of real world experience to guide you through the options and cost so you choose the right one for your unique business needs.


Milestones allow you to set project goals and map them to dates. Milestones are great for setting expectations with the vendor and the client, regardless of the industry.


Discussions enable you to have online conversations, similar to forums, that can be tracked and people who are part of that discussion can be notified of new replies.


Checklists are ideal for short, iterative tasks that are part of a larger milestone within a project. A good example would be tracking down a list of cross browser bugs right before a website launch.


Our project management solutions will provide a calendar system for you to have an overview of progress on project milestones as well as better understand where the project is at.


Page management is ideal for copywriting projects that require editorial oversight and revisions history. Our project management systems provide page management functionality.


Repositories provide an ideal environment for application developers, as they have sub-version history (SVN) control within the project from Git Hub and other code repositories.

icon-clock-frameTime Tracking

Enable all your employees and contractors who are part of the project to log their hours directly into your system, allowing you to allocate time better and keep things in scope.

icon_attachFile Management

Our solutions offer an easy-to-use file management feature so all of the people on your team can access the resources and documents they need to execute at any time.


Wouldn’t it be great to be able to invoice your clients right within your project management system? Our platforms provide invoicing capabilities that will allow you to do this.

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