Social Networks

Creating a social networking website around a specific cause, neighborhood or industry is a great tool at your disposal that can be used to build a niche community online.

Our team of programmers has over 5 years experience building social media websites of varying complexity in both open source as well as custom web applications in a LAMP environment.

icon-hammerBuild Community

Social networking websites can facilitate community action by providing a centralized channel for people with similar passions to communicate and share their ideas with other like minded people.

icon-magnetMore Engaged Visitors

When people who share similar ideas come together, well, that’s the magic of social media. Even if you don’t have a million users, 50,000 highly engaged users can be just as powerful within your niche.

icon_acceptPromote Your Cause

An awesome benefit in building presence for a social network that is centered around a cause, neighborhood or industry is that the larger your website gets, the more visibility for your cause you garner.

Social Network FeaturesCreate a social network for your business or cause

Although the chances of you striking it rich off of a niche social network are slim, you can grow a sustainable business through advertising, donations, membership dues, affiliate marketing and other methods of monetization such as leveraging your user data in related industries or your own primary business.

It’s possible to build a custom social network, or you can also use open source and SaaS models, depending on your budget. It is advised that you go custom if you expect to get VC funding for your social network and expect a big exit, because you have limited protections using other people’s code.


Forums are a great way to provide a channel in your community site for users to discuss various topics they are interested in. Our social networks will add a community element to your site.

icon-user-businessUser Profiles

Provide your users with their own profile page complete with a biography section, website links, profile picture and more. Our social network solutions provide a way for users to express themselves.

icon_commentsActivity Stream

Activity streams have become a part of any social media website. Your users can see what other people are doing and interact with them based on their activity.


Followers, friends, connections, whatever you want to call them on your site, the basic concept is the same. Allow your users to connect with each other on your social network.

icon_imagesPhoto Sharing

We can design, develop and deploy a social network that will allow your users to share their own photographs with their other friends / connections throughout the website.

icon_filmVideo Sharing

Having the capability to upload and share video has become a staple of any social network. Our social networks can enable your users to upload and share videos.

icon-balloon-facebookFacebook Connect

You will get a lot more users to sign up if the process is simple. We can integrate Facebook connect so your users can easily register on your site with their Facebook account.

icon_addInvite Friends

Once your users have registered and they like the site, why not allow them to invite people? We can provide your users with the ability to invite other people to your website.

icon_emailPrivate Messages

Sometimes your users want to contact each other directly in private messages. AXZM’s social network solutions will let your users send each other messages securely.

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