Why You Need a Branding Guide

A branding guide helps determine a company’s identity and uniqueness. A brand is not merely a company logo. It speaks about everything that the company offers.

It summarizes all details about the business and should be decided upon before going through the other tasks involved in starting a company.

Business owners should make use of this guide before launching a company. The guide will help them in deciding what brand name would depict the company’s image.

It will also help in choosing what design, text, symbols or imagery can be used for the brand name. This guide ensures that the business will have a professional brand name that successfully wins clients.

What are the Benefits of Using a Branding Guide

Using a branding guide makes many positive contributions to a business’ success. This will help in effectively launching the business. A guide also aids in increasing the company’s revenue along with many other advantages.

Brand Identity

Brand identity is among the major benefits of using a branding guide. A guide helps in the process of choosing a brand name and logo that will make the company unique. It makes the business identity stand out in the competitive corporate world.

The branding guide will aid the business owner in deciding on a design that will make the brand easy to remember and distinguish.

It will guide the owner in choosing the imagery or text that can catch people’s attention and turn them into clients. Following the branding guide will also leave the brand’s image identifiable. This will result in gaining clients and revenue.

Company Credibility

Another benefit of using a branding guide is company credibility. Using the guide will help in providing a reliable brand name and image.

This aids business owners in successfully choosing a brand that shows what it promises to carry out. It should show the quality products and great services that the company offers.

A nonprofessional looking brand name and logo will drive clients away and leave owners with little revenue.

Eliminate Company Risks and Liabilities

A branding guide will help in reducing any risk and legal liability involved in registering the brand name and logo. It makes business owners produce brands that do not offend particular people, groups and organizations.

The branding guide will also eliminate the company’s legal liabilities that can result in lawsuits and possible penalties for trademark infringement.

Successful Product Marketing

Marketing a brand or product requires skills and techniques that go with the current trends. This involves tools and media that are popular and widely-used among the present market.

This is why a branding guide is essential in choosing a brand name and logo before going through with any other business process.

The guide will help business owners in choosing a brand that will withstand market and economic trends. It will help in deciding on a name that will not sound old-fashioned and tacky in future generations.

The guide is important because all business owners want their companies to survive and increase in popularity and revenue rather than lose their identities.

Fortune 500 Companies with Great Branding Guides

There are a number of big companies on the Fortune 500 list that have great guides. These companies have proven that the brand name and logo are major elements in a company’s success. Most of them are already household names.


Apple is a large company that was started by penniless inventors. This was first started when a young hacker and his friend decided to build their own computers from parts bought on credit and selling them at a computer shop.

Their branding guide involved using an image that depicts certain elements that celebrate the company’s credibility. It aimed to show people the simplicity of the business and its regard for humane values.


Kraft Foods

Kraft Foods is a huge company also on the Fortune 500 list. It made its branding identity by using only capital letters on all their brands with the generic description of each product next to it.

This company has successfully left its mark in homes around the world by making their brand names and logos simple and easy to remember.

They also carefully place each letter in a visible manner. This use of a guide proves that a powerful brand name is as important as the product and services the company provides.


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