10 Essential Bid Management Tools

If you are marketing online you can’t avoid pay per click advertising. Google has the lions share of paid online advertising with it’s AdWords product, but managing bids (especially if you are running a large number of ads) can be a laborious process.

Search engine marketers who are tasked with overseeing large numbers of pay per click ads commonly use bid management tools that help them in managing their campaigns without the burden of having to manually go through each and every one of them.

At present, there are bid management tools that can effectively help companies and individuals in controlling various parameters of their campaigns from an intuitive interface that streamlines the tedious digging, searching and cross referencing across dozens of tabs and browser screens to find the answers that inform their decisions.

These tools also provide the most helpful sources for online analytics and tracking. In addition, these bid management tools are also easy to use and provide marketers with maximum conversions while protecting their budgets.


Kenshoo is an online management tool that offers services for enterprise search and social media solutions. It provides companies and entrepreneurs with the online solutions they need. Kenshoo offers programmed accounts and campaign creation and successfully drives clicks for increased traffic.

Kenshoo Features:

  • Real-time detailed reports that lets users view information and insights
  • Converts the client’s given budget into online ads
  • Targets desired customers through their geographical location
  • Allows users to make use of default settings or their desired adjustments before launching campaigns
  • Computerized budget management features to avoid under and over spending and maximize campaign capabilities
  • Utilizes seven unique algorithms to aid clients in choosing keywords in order to reach the target audience
  • Makes use of rules or model-based bidding to enhance results
  • Provides useful formulas for checking campaign results and other factors


Marin is another online program that provides users with powerful marketing solutions. The bid management tools effectively post ad campaigns on social media sites and search engines. It provides users with easy to manage and navigate online accounts.

Marin Features:

  • Provides marketers with useful online features for increased paid search performance
  • Automatic evaluation of display and keywords to improve ad performance and visibility
  • Utilizes social media feedback in posting campaigns
  • Makes use of mobile advertising in order to reach a wide population of tablet and smartphone users
  • Configurable dashboards for useful and relevant insights
  • Automated reports and analytics with the use of presentations and charts for clearer and more effective analysis


Acquisio provides leading online campaign and bid management tools. It allows marketers to track, manage and optimize their ad campaigns with different search engines. The tool has a record of enhancing campaign performance by over 30 percent for their previous and current clients.

Acquisio Features:

  • Cross-channel reporting that allows marketers to manage several platforms in one dashboard
  • Bulk importing and multiple editing for enhanced time and task management
  • Keyword search across a number of online platforms to help marketers reach their target audience
  • Easy to use campaign creation tools

DoubleClick Search v3

DoubleClick Search’s newest version is created around Google’s systems and features. It makes use of AdWords and adCenter in managing marketer’s accounts. However, the online tool is more costly than many others.

DoubleClick Search V3 Features:

  • Easy navigation of campaigns through the user-friendly interface
  • Excel 2007 supported reports and bulk spreadsheets that can be viewed and downloaded
  • Provides marketers the ability to sync their account with other supported online platforms
  • Real-time updates for analytics through AdWords and adCenter



ClickEquations considers itself to be the first intelligent paid search solution with its automated bid management tools. The online program provides marketers with easy to understand reports and analytics. Like other bid management tools, it also allows them to make use of online algorithms for maximum campaign results.

ClickEquations Features:

  • Instant alerts on online ads, campaigns, keywords and other feedback from a number of search engines
  • Separates and highlights the keywords or campaigns with the highest impact while providing users with alerts when an account is underperforming
  • Easy to manage custom filters for simultaneous multiple changes to different campaigns
  • Simple and clear reports
  • Makes use of external conversions to automatically change bids
  • ROI reporting with advanced metrics and revenue attribution



Recently acquired by Syncapse, Clickable provides a powerful set of online bid management tools that integrate search and social advertising to increase campaign performance. The program provides marketers with several useful features to improve their online visibility and revenue. It provides them with integrated analytics and measurements. The program also features easy to understand bid management tools.

Clickable Features:

  • Effectively manages, reports and launches campaigns across different search engines
  • Real-time access to data and management with customized dashboards
  • ActEngine optimizes bids and allocates budgets for campaigns with the highest conversions
  • Launches thousands of bulk keywords through Google and Bing for maximum campaign visibility
  • Provides marketers with reports on conversions from different search engines through a single interface


WordStream PPC Advisor

WordStream PPC Advisor is a reliable online tool for managing and creating ad campaigns. The program’s online bid management tools do not require much time and attention from marketers. WordStream features an easy and simple campaign management tool that only requires 20 minutes every week to use.

WordStream PPc Advisor Features:

  • Utilizes AdWords and adCenter in creating campaigns
  • Enhances ad campaign quality for increased traffic and revenue
  • Provides marketers with feedback from several search engines


PPC BidMax

PPC BidMax provides improved traffic with maximum results. The tool gives marketers the advantage of managing campaigns for Yahoo, Google, Bing and other search engines in one simple dashboard. It makes use of sophisticated algorithms for useful filtered analytics and reports.

PPC BidMax Features:

  • Automated keyword bidding and campaigns
  • Cross search engine management through different platforms
  • Report creation and budget updates



WordWatch offers online bid management tools for Google Adwords and Google Shopping. It provides users with optimized product listing ad campaigns and programmed keyword bidding. The tool is also affordable and allows marketers to cancel their subscriptions at any time.

WordWatch Features:

  • Advanced algorithms to improve campaign performance and drive more conversions
  • Easy and simple insightful interface that only requires a few minutes to create effective campaigns
  • Excellent for first time marketers and beginners
  • Provides real-time updates round the clock to eliminate overspending



ClickSweeper is a simplified bid management tool that provides marketers with trend alerts, keyword and bidding optimization and ad copy reviews. The program aids users in making their campaigns visible to their target market. It also allows them to track and monitor return on investment and conversion with a simple interface.

ClickSweeper Features:

  • A good range of bidding techniques for small and large scale campaigns
  • Utilizes Google Analytics to assess and adjust keyword bids for maximum visibility
  • Allows marketers to manage multiple accounts
  • Updated alerts on trends and campaign performance

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You must be pretty smart because you're here. We like your style. You can have all of our latest tools, tactics and growth strategies FREE, in your inbox, every month or so. 

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