Aligning Content With Customer Needs

Publishing quality content for customers’ needs is paramount in any content marketing effort. Content that is created based on the unique interests of a target group has the best chance of being monetized; a target group that finds content engaging is much more likely to respond to content-relevant sales pitches and marketing efforts.

One key concept that will greatly contribute to an advertisers success is the importance of writing content for customer needs that is engaging, yet not “pitchy”; overly pitchy content will be immediately apparent to and quickly turn off a reader.


Creating Content Aligned With Your Customer Needs

The sales mantra of “selling hamburgers to a hungry crowd” holds true when it comes to content marketing. Customers have needs, and anyone can supply these need for a profit reward; this truth is not only the basis of content marketing, but of capitalism in general. Customers needs, from a content marketing perspective, revolve around, well…content.

For example: a customer needs information on currency rates, yet upon searching, discovers a list of spam-like Forex websites that are not only failing to provide him with the information he requested, but also prematurely attempting to sell their ebook without gaining reader loyalty. Annoyed, he clicks away from this page and visits Google, known for its search relevance, and makes the same search.

At the very top he clicks on a site that instantly provides him with the information he was looking for. Upon a few visits to the site in search of exchange rate updates, he discovers the site has a membership program he finds interesting and subscribes. It was the quality of the information that steered him to sign up. A good content marketer will look at this as an even exchange:

Customers are so grateful to have their needs met they will continue returning to the source, which always spells profit for the site’s owner. If the owner of this web site is savvy, he will find profit potential in the niche while continuing to maintain relevance and content quality. Writing content for customer needs is a proven way to long term internet marketing success.

Content Creation Challenges

The internet is filled with a plethora of information on any subject imaginable; for this reason, content marketers may find a challenge in supplying content for customer needs that not only is evident in its expertise, but also stands out from the crowd. One of the best ways content marketers can overcome the quality challenge is to hire writers who specialize in a particular topic; a writer who has expertise or focused interest in a topic will naturally write content that readers are going to enjoy.

  • Engagement

Content for customer needs must engage the reader. This is true from a sound sales perspective, but also an SEO perspective. You may get them there through a search, but what are you going to say to keep them there? How does what you are writing about align with the searchers intent?

Additionally, content that immediately displays highly pitch-like language may turn off a reader and cause them to click quickly away; yet, content for customer needs that is essentially written to be a laser-targeted response to a search term will keep the visitor on that page, refer others to its source, and keep them coming back for more. This type of content writing is not only smart business, it also makes a site more attractive in search engines’ eyes. Better content for customer needs = more sales, higher search rankings.

  • Research

Let’s face it, not every topic has large profit potential; a financial web site is going have greater monetization potential than a knitting web site. Before you begin the work of writing content for customer needs, adequate research must be performed. Additionally, it must be noted that the greater profit potential a niche has, the greater the level of competition will exist for relevant keyword ranking; this does not mean that making money from a saturated niche is impossible, but rather that it will typically require more work.

One great way content marketers can get a birds eye view of competition for a keyword is with Google’s keyword tool; this tool allows advertisers to view the average bid price for a particular keyword, get new keyword ideas, and scope out the competition. All this said, attempting to write content for customer needs in a saturated niche may not be for everyone; oftentimes, a smaller, less saturated niche can be capitalized on by a savvy internet marketer. Everything is dependent upon the needs, ideas, and research of the content marketer.


It’s all about content. Especially in the early stages of a website’s development, the focus should be taken off of sales and onto quality. This is difficult for many internet marketers in a quick rush to succeed, yet is the cornerstone of long-term content marketing success.

Which hamburger would you, the reader, prefer to purchase? The one that is big, tasty, covered in condiments, hot, and ready to eat, or the plain looking one that is covered in for-sale signs? The choice for most costumers is simple. Keep this is mind when writing content for customers’ needs.

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    Hi Steve,

    I do agree to you that in order to stay on the game you must provide your costumers contents that they need. It is the very first factor that you must consider before creating such content. with the constant change of everything over the internet I’m very sure that search engines will gonna love to make it on top of their page search results. I’m happy to inform you that as of now we are currently gaining leads from our contents. Hope that other marketers will be enlightened by your post. Thanks:)

You must be pretty smart because you're here. We like your style. You can have all of our latest tools, tactics and growth strategies FREE, in your inbox, every month or so. 

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