Best Call Tracking Solutions for Your Website

One of the greatest methods of optimizing online marketing is call tracking. Call tracking involves assessing phone calls made to a particular company by consumers.

In fact, 65% of businesses find that phone calls provide the highest lead quality, and 43% of sales from internet marketing take place on the phone. Because of the prevalence of such phone use today, call tracking is essential for determining what succeeds and fails in online marketing.

Call tracking can help improve lead flow and quality by monitoring offline consumer activity and discovering the strategies that maximize it. Call tracking can improve lead flow with individual call tracking numbers assigned to each page of a website, determining which pages generate the most calls.

Businesses may then invest their marketing efforts and funds toward features of advertising and customer service that produce the highest level of consumer satisfaction. Investing in strategies that optimize both online and offline leads improves marketing cost-efficiency and business success.


Google Voice

Google Voice is a call tracking solution that is free of charge. It includes a single number that delivers calls to any phone, whether it’s at home, at work, a mobile phone, etc. Up to six different phones may receive a call at one time, and setting phones to receive calls is easy.

Also a feature of Google Voice is temporary forwarding, through which a phone may be set temporarily to receive calls without overriding the more permanent phones.

For example, if traveling on business, a hotel-room phone may be set to receive forwarded calls only for the length of stay.

Another option available through Google Voice is receiving transcribed voicemail messages in email form. Because use of the main features of Google Voice is free, it is a great starting point from which to begin call tracking.



Mongoose Metrics

Another call tracking solution is Mongoose Metrics, which monitors patterns before, after, and during phone calls to gather effective data for marketing success. Many of today’s most widely known brand names utilize Mongoose Metrics.

Features include Enterprise Tracking, One-to-One Tracking Number Integration, where each marketing strategy corresponds to an individual phone number, and Dynamic Tracking Number Insertion, which gathers caller information such as conversation content, visited websites and searched keywords in order for companies to personalize their services to each customer and boost customer satisfaction.




Ifbyphone uses SourceTrak call tracking software, available in three options. SourceTrak Basic includes a different phone number for each marketing strategy and rules about forwarding calls to the appropriate sales persons. SourceTrak PPC gathers information about pay-per-click advertisements, and SoureTrack SEO gathers keyword-level information in search engine optimization.

SourceTrak features include real-time reports of caller name and ID, call time, and more, customized call forwarding rules, call quality pre-screening, and integration with Google Analytics.

Ifbyphone is also available in four possible packages. Ifbyphone Basic is great to track which advertisements optimize return of investment. Ifbyphone Interact includes all of the Basic features with additional, pre-built applications.

Ifbyphone Enterprise includes all of the Interact features with additional support for enterprises. Ifbyphone Inquire is ideal for sole proprietors, realtors, and home offices. Ifbyphone has earned fifth place in Visibility Magazine‘s Best Call Tracking Software list.




With Twilio Call Tracking Solution, data immediately collected on calls can be sent directly to an analytics solution or to customer relationship management for analysis. Twilio offers the option of instant phone number purchase for one dollar each and a 3-cent-per-minute charge on received calls.

Twilio’s Cloud Communications Platform allows for hundreds of calls or more every second without customers ever receiving a busy signal. When tracking phone calls, businesses no longer need to waste money on online marketing techniques that fail to enhance sales and success.

Tracking determines which advertising strategies are effective, and its caller information allows businesses to customize their services to suit each individual customer.

Call Tracking Solutions can optimize cost-effectiveness while improving customer satisfaction and, in turn, building a business’ positive reputation.


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    Great article Steve! It’s great to see people highlighting the importance of call tracking for marketing campaigns.

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    Another I would add to the list is the winner of the Amazon Web Services (AWS) Global Startup Challenge, LogMyCalls.

    Thousands of companies, predominantly agencies and enterprise companies, use LogMyCalls to track which campaigns, keywords, and ads produce calls. Additionally, it actually tracks which calls turn to sales. No one else does that.

    • Harry Bott
    • March 7, 2013

    Great article Steve, there are some great recommendations in that list. Call tracking is an important aspect of analytics because, as you say, 43% of online marketing sales are being made over the phone.

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    It’s awesome that you recognize the value of call tracking for your marketing campaigns. Since you’re familiar with several different call tracking platforms, I’d love to get your thoughts on CallRail. Thousands of companies (including many search marketing agencies) use CallRail to track online and offline marketing campaigns, and I believe we have the easiest-to-use platform on the market.

You must be pretty smart because you're here. We like your style. You can have all of our latest tools, tactics and growth strategies FREE, in your inbox, every month or so. 

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