Logo Design

Logo Design

Having a memorable logo that carries over well to all mediums is fundamental. Your logo design is one of the most important marketing assets of your business. A strong logo communicates your company’s persona, ideals and purpose.

Let us develop a brand strategy and logo design that will help you become more recognizable and trusted in the market.

icon_color_wheelColor Theory

The color palette you choose is a key element of your logo design. Well selected colors can convey a subtle message within itself, make sure you always choose the color theory of your logo design carefully.

icon_text_boldStrong Typography

Typography is truly at the foundation of how we consume information. If people can’t read your words, your message is dead in the water. The typeface you use for your logo design should fit your brand thematically.


When it comes to creating a strong logo, less is more. Generally speaking, an overly busy logo does not transfer well to web and smaller formats like business cards. A logo that looks consistent big or small is ideal.

ClientsHere are a few brands we have worked with

US Oxygen Supply
Deep Ellum Social
OS Web Host
Vinyl Bar

The Importance of a Good Logo DesignA good logo is memorable.

In an age when people place significance on visual presentation, you would imagine that businesses would take their logo design more seriously. Although there are just as many outstanding examples of companies with world class brands out there, there are far more small to medium sized businesses that simply don’t have the time, resources or skill to create a professional logo design. Without these resources at hand, they wing it and throw something together.

Perhaps they have a family member do it. Maybe they pawn if off on a freelancer or even a local print shop. It doesn’t matter where they get it, because the end result is almost always predictably bad. You know what they say: You get what you pay for. Although it isn’t rocket science, creating a strong logo and brand is not simple and it involves collaborative ideation.

The important takeaway here is that If you do not have a clearly defined message and theme behind your logo design, do not expect your target demographic to easily remember your brand or what it represents. Ask yourself this: If you cannot define your brand’s promise and presentation, how do you expect others to understand or recognize that brand? It is advised that you take time to really think about your logo and choose a firm that has the experience to execute your vision.

The importance of a strong logo design should not be swept aside or marginalized. As technology and consumer expectations evolve, the standards will be set higher and higher to stay competitive. In this type of environment, there should be no doubt that business owners in all industries and vertical markets can benefit from a recognizable, professional logo.

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