American Pregnancy Association

American Association for Respiratory Care

Find out how we helped one of the oldest associations for respiratory care create an integrated brand experience online.


Large organization, legacy infrastructure, no documented communications strategy & limited access. 


We provided a complete website redesign, developed a custom Wordpress theme, as well as Gitflow consulting for their in-house development team. In addition to redesigning their website, we helped modernize their web development process using Git so that code would be more manageable. We then helped train their in-house staff on how to develop a content strategy while also executing against a technical SEO audit and conducting user testing.


As a result of the solutions, resources and training we provided, their content teams were able to better define key publishing roles which resulted in better versioning and quality control. Their web design team was able to more effectively collaborate and deploy code. As a result of the technical and off-page SEO work we did, we were able to achieve a 42.53% increase in organic traffic and 42.32% increase in total traffic. Page views increased 102.39%, while their bounce rate improved 75.38%. All of the SEO results were achieved in less than 6 months.

42.53% OT

102.39% PV

75.38% BR


“Regardless of how complex the technology or marketing problem is, you guys not only get to the root it, but you also find the best way to fix it before I even fully understand what "it" is. I can't find people who are that committed in my business, I wish I could clone you!”

Conducted split testing which resulted in higher conversion rates. 
Significantly increased overall organic web traffic by over 40% in less than 6 months.
Google organic traffic quickly became their biggest source of referral traffic
Dramatically improved overall sessions
Developed clear branding guidelines & documentation for key personnel.


From branding, content strategy, web design & development, SEO and in-house training, the AXZM team provided a full service approach for the AARC project.


Content Strategy

Web Development

UX Consulting

User Testing

SEO Audit