Data Mining Cover

Data Mining Web Design Icons

Ever been in a serious clutch on a design project and can’t find just the right icons to set it apart from the rest? Sure, there are tons and tons of resources available.

The problem is, it’s really tough finding original design resources (icons specifically) that someone hasn’t already used 1,000,000 times over. The vast majority of free icon sets have been overused and abused to the point of novelty.

Being a design heavy company, we know first hand how that goes.

The only alternative is to spend the time making your own icons, but when you are up against the wall on deadlines, sometimes, that just isn’t an option. You need something quick fast and ready to go.

To address this and in the Christmas spirit of giving, AXZM has prepared one of our first completely FREE icon sets for YOU.

Yep, that’s right. We did it just to make all you designers out there feel special. Seriously. We talk and philosophize quite a bit about design internally here at AXZM (and in the coming months, externally through our blog).

We are genuinely committed to providing more resources in 2013 to make the lives of designers everywhere just a little bit easier.

Our First (In A Series) of Free Icon Sets

So what’s the back story on these free icon sets you ask? There’s a new gold rush happening today, but crazy prospectors aren’t roaming the hills with picks and shovels to get at it.

They’re digging for data.

And the hills?

Well, they’re databases, pages and other content with information on the web.

These icons are the tools that will help you strike it rich, and before you know it, you’ll be shouting “There’s gold in them hills!”

Start mining today by clicking the link below, liking our page and download the Data-Mining free icon set right way!