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Digital Creation Web Design Icons

Free Web Design Icons rule, so we made some and gave them away. Why? Here is the backstory…

There’s something about the design of early digital machines that conjures feelings of nostalgia. Sure, things have improved since the days of mainframes and 56k modems, but they were also a lot simpler before the “always on” connected culture of today.

Everything is becoming obsolete as fast as it is made. We see it all around us. Computer processors are getting exponentially faster year over year. Cameras operate at a resolution that now renders the functionality of their predecessors almost useless.

Even still, looking at older models of computers and cameras makes us here at AXZM feel like times we lost something in the shuffle. Were those days the good old days? We certainly hope not. 56k modems suuuucked.

What does any of that have to do with these icons? Who knows.

Go Forward and Create Awesome

We know how overused a lot of icons are in the web design world. We created these icons from scratch and are giving them away in hopes that the web design ecosystem sucks just a little bit less with these FREE icons in it.

Go forward and create awesome sh*t.

A Series of Free Icon Sets

This is the second in a series of AXZM free icon sets. If you like these icons and find them useful, take a look at the Data Mining icons in our previous giveaway and feel free to grab those as well.