Top 10 Enterprise Social Media Management Tools

There are a lot of enterprise social media management platforms on the market. All of them have their own strengths and weaknesses. Finding the right one for your enterprise can depends a lot on what you are trying to accomplish.

There are other factors like how your team likes to work and collaborate as well as what your time and budgets are.

The question our customers and prospects ask us the most is:

Which one should I use?

I wanted to put together a list for all those people, so they can stop asking me those kinds of questions and more questions about why their websites aren’t converting, why their content sucks or why they don’t rank, but that’s another blog post.

Enterprise Social Media Management Tools

Unless you have been in a coma the last 10 years, it is no mystery that social media management tools present a massive opportunity for brands to connect with their customers online.

The problem is that there are so many options. It’s hard for busy decision-makers to choose the best platform for their needs.

These platforms are useful because the activities that go on in social networks are sometimes difficult to keep up with day-to-day, and while companies need them, it can be pretty overwhelming trying to select the best option when they often barely understand the technology.

It’s an advantage to have knowledge about each tool, hopefully this post helps some of you out there seeking more information about enterprise social media management tools avoid the pain of wasting resources on something you may not even end up using.

If you are ready to utilize the plugins that will bring out the best of your business, read on to find out which enterprise social media management tools may be right for you. Here is our top ten enterprise social media management tools for 2012 so far:

Argyle Social

Argyle Social, which was launched in December 2009 by Eric Boggs and Adam Covati, is an enterprise social media management tool which was created for professionals who need a virtual dashboard to manage social activity. Boggs mentioned in his launch day interview, that their company was a “culmination of [not so good] ideas.”

But this software is now far from that definition. According to Boggs, culture is the foundation of any business, and that is what Argyle Social is all about.

It allows you to do social publishing, listen and respond to your customers, and see important data that will help you make better marketing decisions and social campaigns. Argyle Social is easy to implement, but still has a client service team available for assistance if you need any help or have any questions.



Wildfire is one of the most unique enterprise social media management tools of the lot, because it is considered a campaign builder. Experience isn’t needed to use this software and it lends a platform to carry on interactive campaigns through giveaways, sweepstakes, and contests, while helping you increase your audience.

It’s a platform that offers up the same opportunities to interact with your customers, but with a fun twist. It is probably the most creative out of all of the social media management tools available.



Sprinklr is a software that helps companies manage campaigns and conversations, and keep close connections with their audience through social media. Founded by Ragy Thomas, an email and social media marketer, the platform was created to give you the opportunity to learn more about your audience and measure the conversations you engage in with them.

It is one of the unique social media management tools because it assists large enterprises in processing positive and negative reviews from their customers.

Sprinklr is a great option if you care what your customers are saying in regards to your brand. Among the enterprise social media management tools, this platform will help to enhance social ventures that were already made.



Through Spredfast, you can manage all of you social network accounts in one location. You can also obtain all conversations from different social networks that include your brand, review and even participate in it. It includes an inbox, and an option for you to add content to those discussions that were relevant to your brand.

This tool will help you see what is going on between your customers and your brand. It’s ideal for large enterprise businesses who want to generate more leads for their company.

It is one of the social media management tools that serve as personal dashboards for listening in on conversations that are relevant to your brand. A version is available for the iPhone.


Sprout Social

Sprout Social is an enterprise social media management platform that is similar to Spredfast in that it delivers to you any kind of message from other social networks that are relevant to your business. It has a feature called Sprout Queue View, that lets you store the messages you intend to forward to everyone.

You can edit, rearrange and schedule when you want your message to be sent out. Sprout Social rounds up networks and blogs so that you can be aware of different insights on your brand.

It also generates leads and provides analytics. Other social media management tools allow you to navigate through different social networks the way this one does, but the sprout queue view feature sets it apart from the others.



Infegy is considered the first version of Social Radar, founded by Justin Graves and Adam Coomes in the year of 2007. It has an efficient search system which generates fast results that go as far back as four years.

Early in the year of 2011, Infegy achieved national exposure when they correctly predicted that the Green Bay Packers would win the Superbowl based on social media chatter.

Aside from the precise search system, this platform provides analytics and monitors social media to keep track of trends, perform market research online, and figure out the needs of consumers. Its flexibility makes it different from other social media management tools because it works with marketplace changes.


Salesforce Social Marketing Cloud

Salesforce Social Marketing Cloud helps to strengthen relationships that companies have with their prospects and customers. This software has insight and engagement applications that provide columns of conversations concerning your brand.

The unique thing about these columns is that it can detect whether a consumer is advocating for you or not. This is neat because once you see positive reviews from customers, you are given the chance to respond and show direct appreciation to them individually.

You can go as far as adding those consumers to a database and identifying them as your advocates, keeping them in your system and communicating with them on a consistent basis.

Radian6 and Buddy Media are two platforms that were recently bought by Salesforce Marketing Cloud. Radian6 and Buddy Media are two of the most prosperous insight platforms, making Salesforce Marketing Cloud seem like a great choice of software for insight on what customers feel about a brand.

Buddy Media, however, was running despite a loss of 20 million dollars and as a result, Salesforce Marketing Cloud decided to lay off a number of employees working for Radian6 and Buddy Media.

This leaves the integrity of Salesforce Marketing Cloud in question. Even though it is seen as something positive to have three enterprise social media tools merge, all of the losses and layoffs make it seem as if the process of merging may affect the platform’s efficiency.



Shoutlet presents a platform in which you can give your customers immediate and concise responses. Shoutlet can come in the form of an app that is compatible with Apple products, making it an advantage for individuals who have iPhones. There is a simple menu that includes texts, audio, images, and video.

Users can conveniently use any of those applications to capture useful content, add the content to the Shoutlet library, and leave it there until they are ready to distribute it for marketing purposes. Shoutlet provides some insight on what consumers really think about your brand.



One features that makes Sendible unique is the one that allows users to securely send out mass emails that are important to anyone.

Usually, businesses depend on their IT Department or courier services that are costly to deliver important messages.

All files that are sent are secure, because they are password-protected. When they reach the intended recipient, there is a notification feature that lets the sender know when it has finally been received, opened, and downloaded.

Sendible is a platform for companies to communicate with their customers, and it helps businesses keep a close eye on their brand throughout different social media networks.

Be aware that it focuses more on the security of email correspondence and might be preferred by someone who depends heavily on email for their business.



Engage121 offers services and software for communication through a subscription. They cater to large enterprise businesses and are well established.

They provide efficient analytics and they are customer-oriented. Among the wide array of social media management tools, this one emphasizes good customer service on the basis of subscription.


Well, that’s my list of enterprise social media management tools. Did you find it useful? Know of some new tools that were not listed here? Leave me a comment below, I would love to hear from you!

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    Thanks so much for this, it is really helpful in reviewing the different social management platforms available.

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