Marketing Automation

Scale processes, delight customers while qualifying and nurturing leads. 

Marketing automation is more than just email, it's how businesses just like yours are going to scale and compete in the coming years. Not sure where to start? Just think about everything in your business you hate doing and you're halfway there.

If you've been on the fence about marketing automation, don't even know what it is, or just don't care - you should do your homework. Your competitors are using this technology to outpace you in business as you read this. 

They are improving their customer service, response times, automating countless follow up processes and redundancies. They are getting deep marketing intelligence on their customer behavior and moving beyond segmented users to authentic, highly personalized 1:1 relationships.

Still on the fence? You really should get down from there, it's so much better on this side.

Lead Scoring & Nurturing

We conduct interviews with key stakeholders and your sales teams to understand how a lead is valued. Then we create a system to score and nurture them at each stage of the funnel.

Segmentation & Workflows

After we've established the stages in your sales funnel and a system to score leads, we start segmenting lists & creating automation workflows that trigger emails and personalized messaging.

Personalization & Calls To Action

Now that we have a segmented lists and the right workflows in place, we begin developing personalized messages and calls to action that align with your buyer's need state.

Email Campaign Design

Once you have all the content and context for your marketing automations, we make it look pretty. We create beautiful branded email marketing campaigns that match your website perfectly.

Don't waste another day sitting up on that fence scratching your head. Come down here. Let's start kicking the tar out of your competitors and scale your marketing operations.

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Marketing automation doesn't have to cost an arm and a leg, and shouldn't require a 3 year contract. Our process is simple, our pricing is fair. Reach out and get the conversation started. We are really easy to talk to.