Getting More Conversions From Your Adwords Campaigns

The main focus of any business is to stay profitable. It’s an unspoken truth. It’s important these days to make it stupid simple for new customers to find you.

This is easier said than done when business owners try to tackle new technologies between the sometimes overwhelming task of running their day-to-day operations.

When transitioning to a virtual buying experience, it’s important that the consumer can find your website – be it through paid or organic search engine channels.

If you are looking for paid search engine marketing that truly works, Google AdWords is a good place to start. Once the consumer is at your website, it’s up to you to convert them from a virtual window shopper into a satisfied customer.

Because of this paradigm, getting more conversions for your AdWords campaigns is a key component in getting more business.

Getting More Conversions Takes Time

There are many things to do once a consumer reaches your website, but getting the consumer to your site takes time and energy. Google offers free services which take some the trial and error and guesswork out of the equation.

It’s important to keep certain things in mind when setting up your ad campaigns for more conversions. Consumers use keywords and phrases to browse online and find your website. By using the right keywords and phrases, you can increase your bottom line when the consumer is directed to your website.

Once your website is ready to greet customers, Google assists them in their search for relevant products and services. Google offers the following tools to ensure increased sales with more conversions for your online business.

Conversion Tracking

These tools will track all conversions to your website and where they originated. It is encouraging to see people buying from your website, and it is imperative to see how they got there.

Determining where business is coming from is important when setting up your Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising campaigns for increased traffic. If you have ads set up that aren’t doing anything, drop them and realign with new ones to target those customers who are not just window shopping but building more conversions for you.


Keyword Planner / Traffic Estimator

Once you are using Google Analytics or Conversion Tracking, monitor the keywords and phrases to see which ones are successful or not. These two tools assist a company in using the right keywords based on historical data from them with competitors, and how much traffic is drawn by these specific keywords.

Before adding new ones, traffic estimator can give you data on what these keywords could do in volume for your website or in estimated cost-per-click figures.


Negative Keywords

If there is a pattern of keyword usage across your campaigns which are either too vague or dead in the water, change these to negative keywords. If someone searches them, they will bypass your website. This is going to save you clicks that do not result in more conversions.

When running multiple campaigns, the cost of useless clicks can add up. Utilizing negative keywords across all campaigns can save a significant amount of money.

There are certain routines to follow when setting up your campaigns, besides eliminating window shoppers through negative keyword usage and proper keywords and phrases. Be sure to include keywords and phrases in your ad text itself. Keywords should also be part of the title.

When someone is browsing a page and looking for a specific item, keywords will show in the description and title. A user will be more apt to click your website instead of another. In order for a consumer to take action, make sure the link goes directly to the landing page and not a “Home” or “Contact Us” page.

It may cause the consumer to get frustrated and close the window if not brought to the actionable page. Make their experience as streamlined and user-friendly as possible, which will lead to more conversions.


Conversion Optimizer

Once you are using Google Analytics or Conversion Tracking and established historical data, it’s time to turn on Conversion Optimizer. This tool will take out some of the manual work of placing bids and finding the best options for more conversions on your website.

Taking action is what your customers should be doing. Conversion Optimizer will lead them to do this more often than not.

By targeting when and where the successful ad campaigns originated and placing your ads more often at opportune times, your conversions will increase and your window shopping will decrease. You can keep the same budget and see more conversions.


SEM Rush

This is a great Paid Search and SEO tool that will provide insight into your competition’s campaigns. You can then strategically use their data to increase your own traffic. This is a tool that tracks millions of keywords and phrases.

They take this information and put it into a useful structure for competitive comparison. You will literally see what your competition is paying for their ad campaigns and keywords. You will be able to compare their ad text and title search to your own and decide how to improve your performance for more conversions.

It sounds like cheating but it is the next best thing to putting a spy in their marketing department. You will be successful learning from their mistakes and take pointers from their best practices. For the record, all is fair in love, war and advertising.


Keep it Simple

Now that you’ve successfully gotten optimal traffic to your website and are seeing conversions at a rapidly growing pace, be sure your customers can navigate your website easily. Your website should be attractive, interactive and provide the consumer with a sense of security and satisfaction.

Providing great customer service, a clear and specific return policy, secure checkout and a variety of payment options will show the consumer they’ve clicked on the right page.

Do not ask for too much information. Let the consumer decide if they want to revisit after their initial trip. Google helped you get the customer to your page.

Now it’s up to you to earn a bookmark and turn them into returning consumers.

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You must be pretty smart because you're here. We like your style. You can have all of our latest tools, tactics and growth strategies FREE, in your inbox, every month or so. 

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